Just an Update on the situation at hand…

I write to you today covered in blankets and awaiting a furnace repair man. Yes I know it isn’t THAT cold yet, after all it is only December, but my small breed dogs would beg to differ if they cared to emerge from their blanketed cocoons and have their say that is! They (thankfully) remain blanketed and warm. I however am not happy with the fact that our inefficient furnace company has taken over 48 hours to address this problem while we all freeze our tooshes off!

So what do you do with eight dogs when there’s no heat and you live in Central Ontario where some nights in December can go below freezing? Simple you gather them all up pile a lot of blankets on the bed and sleep in a pile humans and dogs alike! The only problem being the spatial issue. Let’s just say I seriously need a nap, right after a very hot bath.

But it did bring me to the point of today’s blog. I have a question for you, are you prepared for a furnace outage? Now for our big dogs this isn’t such a tragedy. They will all sleep together in a pile bringing their blankets to the big kitchen floor and hunkering down to keep each other warm. But what abut our small breed dogs, especially our little Californian import Yoda? As I said before lots of blankets, and a vigilant Mom who makes sure no one gets down off the warm blanket filled bed to seek private sleeping quarters. It was a long night!

We made it through our second night without heat and now we all sit wrapped in blankets waiting for the furnace repair guy who could show up any time between 10 and 2. Hopefully our sojourn with the cold will end by two this afternoon and life can get back to normal. So if I seem a little incapable of writing today it’s only the cold, and the fact that typing in mittens is virtually impossible! I just wanted to let you all know that we will be back tomorrow in fine form and perhaps making far more sense than we do today!

Keep warm everybody! See you all tomorrow!