…Ms. Kay your ignorance is showing once again!

Good morning my faithful readers. Today I owe you an apology. The blog has not been written now for almost a week. I contracted a nasty flu bug that had me sleeping round the clock, but I am feeling much better now. Of course I did feel a little sick when I read Barbara Kay’s latest attack on “pit bulls” and their owners. This time the owner in question is Cesar Milan the Dog Whisperer.

That’s right, Barbara Kay has launched an attack at Milan in her latest Op-ed piece for the National Post. True to form, she gets it all wrong as usual.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Millan will be bringing a few dogs with him to illustrate his wizardry, including a Chihuahua, but curiously enough, he will not have his “trusty pit-bull,” Junior with him, a favourite since the death of his all-time favourite pit bull, Daddy in 2010 (a tragedy that had him entertaining thoughts of suicide!).

Milan brings a few dogs everywhere he goes, he is after all the Dog Whisperer, it would be impossible to make his point without traveling with some of his pack. Milan no longer brings his “pit bulls” to Canada because there are too many towns and cities which subscribe to BSL. While Ms. Kay is correct that Milan did contemplate suicide, it had nothing to do with the death of his beloved “Daddy” one of the worlds most well known “pit bulls.” Milan’s suicide attempt was directly related to a depression he fell into around the time of his marriage breakup. The man is human after all.

Millan has probably done more to spread the canard of pit bull trustworthiness as a pet than any other single person. Pit bulls and other genetically-related fighting dogs are high-risk animals, demonstrably – the statistics on these animals are insurmountably inculpatory – not trustworthy, neither with other animals nor with people. That is undoubtedly the reason Millan did not bring Junior along for the show. He undoubtedly did not want the bother of keeping Junior isolated from the other dogs and monitoring his behaviour every second that he was in contact with people. Pit bulls are bred for impulsive aggression, and it is as natural for them to attack other dogs as it is for greyhounds to run after rabbits on a track.

Yes Ms. Kay, Cesar Milan has done more to spread the message that “pit bulls” are trustworthy than any other person on the planet. He knows that these dogs are NOT high risk, just misunderstood because of glory seeking wordsmith’s like yourself who want to become known for something. If you knew anything about Cesar Milan (which it is oh so obvious you don’t) then you would know that his “pit bulls” are not segregated from the rest of his pack, and he does not feel the need to “monitor them closely” as you put it. Milan trusts his dogs, “pit bulls” included! Why? Because he is a responsible dog owner who has raised them responsibly! Oh and for the record Ms. Kay greyhounds have to be TRAINED to chase a mock rabbit around a track it doesn’t come naturally. Dog’s left to their own devices might chase a rabbit, most of them do, but they are not born with a desire to run aimlessly in circles for the entertainment of idiots like yourself.

But Millan’s fetish for fighting dogs has him bruiting the same reflexive, but illogical nonsense that all pit bull advocates spout. Millan says that bans of pit bulls are “prejudicial” and miss the point: “It’s just like an anti-Mexican or an anti-gay law.”

I am really not sure what her point is here, she is right about one thing however bans of “pit bull” type dogs are prejudicial. Ms. Kay seems incapable of understanding Milan’s comparison of “pit bull” bans to laws against one race or sexual orientation. Milan is right on that score, a law that discriminates against one breed misses the point completely, the point being that ANY dog of ANY breed is capable of biting. Banning one particular breed to prevent dog bites is like saying all Chinese are banned from driving because one of them got into an accident, or incarcerating all Mexican’s because they MIGHT be illegal immigrants. It is prejudice at it’s finest!

Stay with me here, Cesar. When you breed a greyhound to a greyhound, you will get a litter of dogs that are “fast” when they run. When you breed a border collie to a border collie, you will get a dog that has a “herding” instinct. Still with me? Now we’re going to breed a “fighting dog” to another “fighting dog” and you know what we’re going to get? Yes! A “fighting dog.”

Once again Ms. Kay shows her ignorance. No matter how many times “experts” correct her theory and back it up with fact, she still tries to convince us that “pit bull” type dogs are bred to fight. So, (stay with me here Barbara) let us ignore the fact that “pit bulls” were originally bred as working farm dogs, taught to bait bulls in order to keep their attention while a ranch hand castrated them. Farm dogs, that is what they originally were. Then some bored rancher got the bright idea to pit them against bulls for sport. When that was banned they pit them against each other for their own amusement. Sick, but not inherently natural behavior for a “pit bull” type dog. No Ms. Kay the dogs are not the problem, the owners are the problem.

Please, let us do away with this language of “prejudice” and “discrimination” and “stereotype” when we speak of dog breeds. The whole point of breeding animals is to “discriminate” and to create “stereotypes.” Pit bulls were created by human beings to be fighting machines. They are individuals in their various personalities, but in their “instincts,” they are what they were bred to do. And what pit bulls were bred to do is to attack and hang on like grim death.

So what you are saying here Ms. Kay is that we are supposed to overlook your prejudicial ramblings on the subject of “pit bulls”? You tell us to do away with words such as prejudicial, discriminatory, and stereotype in our discussion of dog breeds, and then tell us the whole point of breeding is to discriminate and create stereotypes? Not so, the point of breeding (if you are a responsible breeder) is the betterment of the breed. No responsible breeder of “pit bulls” breeds them to fight. They are bred to fight by the dregs of society. Those same people that breed them to fight force them to do what does not come naturally, fight to the death in a pit. So, perhaps Ms. Kay it is those people who should be dealt with instead of placing the blame on an innocent animal who was given no choice in the matter. But you would rather blame the breed than admit that society needs to hold dog owners responsible for the actions of their dogs.

Dog breeds are human inventions, not a species. Dogs are consumer items, not human beings that can feel bad when they are banned. The name of Millan’s show is ironic. If you really “trust your instincts” with a bit of intelligent research backing them up, you will realize that Cesar Millan is defending the indefensible. If you can only love a pit bull, you’re no dog lover.

Dog breeds are human inventions? Dogs are not a species? Tell that to the scientific community, because if dogs are not a species there are many text books that need to be rewritten. Dogs are a species, we may have modified that species by creating different breeds (or nationalities if you will) but the dog has been around since Christ was a baby.

Dogs are consumer items? Now I know you have lost your mind Ms. Kay. How can you call any living breathing being a “consumer item”? It is people with that attitude that have created the pet overpopulation problem. You speak about dogs as if they were a pair of shoes or a pair of jeans, as if they were not living breathing animals that deserve kind treatment and loving homes.

“If you can only love a “pit bull” you are no dog lover.” Really? That’s funny because most of the “pit bull” owners I know (myself included) are very active with other breeds. I myself am guardian to eight dogs, one of which is considered a “pit bull” by the Ontario government, I love ALL my dogs equally no matter what their breed. I would think that in fact Ms. Kay the opposite is true, I say if you are willing to go to the mat to fight for your dog’s freedom you must REALLY be a dog lover! Of course you probably wouldn’t understand that because you treat dogs as a commercial retail item.

My “pit bull” type dog lives with four small breed dogs, a Great Dane cross, a Sharpei cross, and a Border Collie cross. She has never attacked any of them, but has been attacked several times herself by other dogs, none of which were “pit bulls.” She has never done any damage to another dog, but has been injured several times by attacking dogs. Each and every time it happens it is MY dog that goes to the emergency vet. Yet by your definition, it is MY dog that is the inherently vicious one. Meanwhile the most aggressive dog in my household is a miniature Dachshund!

You might as well shut down your word processing program and go on vacation Ms. Kay your ignorance is showing once again!

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8 thoughts on “…Ms. Kay your ignorance is showing once again!

  1. What goes around – comes around, BK will get “vicious” karma some day.

  2. A cold-hearted woman who perpetuates the myth that dogs react based on their appearance. As inane a concept as the people who brought about this concept in Ontario: former Attorney-General, Michael Bryant and AWOL premier Dalton McGuinty.

    Pathetic, all of them.

  3. Wow! I thought I had heard ALL the crap people have said about ‘breed specifics’, but I now realise I was wrong! I have never such heard such utter drivel in my life !!! She should get her facts right and got rid of her biased assumptions which are NOT based on science. She THINKs they are but she is wrong.

    • Barbara Kay actually believes her own made up stats. Truth be told I feel sorry for someone whose life is so nondescript that they have to go after the innocent to make a name for themselves.

  4. Sad really (except for the harm she does with her poison pen) that a heart can hold such a vast amount of hate for so many non offending innocent dogs that have committed no crime. One has to just be thankful that so many know its nothing but basic hate speech.

    • What amazes me is the lengths she will go to to “prove” her position! But with this latest proclamation that dogs are merely a “consumer item” she will have offended a lot more than just “pit bull” owners. You are right it really is sad that such vehemence can exist in the heart of one person.

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