The Disappearance of a Litter of Kittens…

Those of you that know me are well aware that although I mostly concentrate on dogs in the writing of my blogs, I have never turned down an animal in need be it canine or feline. I wanted to share with you my response to a recent plea for help from a woman whose cat had been killed by a car two weeks after giving birth to a litter of eight kittens. Here is what happened:

Today I am saddened to have to tell you that as of the time I got out of bed this morning, I have no idea what happened to our litter of eight two week old orphaned kittens. On Sunday I was contacted by a woman seeking our assistance. Her female cat had gotten out of the house and been killed by a car, in itself that would not be unusual, but this cat had two weeks previous, given birth to a litter of eight kittens. So now this woman had eight orphaned kitties that needed to be bottle fed every two hours. A daunting task for most pet owners, most of us would seek help in this situation.

I agreed that we would indeed help her out, and went to you our faithful members for help. You responded, and we soon had a solution in place. I have to point out that we had solved the problem in less than twenty four hours, all that was left was to arrange pickup of the kittens. What happened next sent me into a fit of rage the likes of which I have not experienced since an ignorant veterinarian profiled one of my rescues sight unseen.When I called to arrange to pickup the kittens I was told they were gone! This woman had decided that we were taking too long to help her (remember, LESS than twenty four hours had gone by at this point) and had supposedly dropped the kittens off at the nearest vet clinic that would take them in. Problem was, after calling EVERY veterinary clinic in town I still could not locate the kittens! Their true fate is unknown at this time.

Now let me tell you what I read between the lines during my conversations with the pet owner seeking our assistance. She told me this was the SECOND litter this cat had given birth to, and the first thing that came to mind was “why did she not have the cat spayed after she had weened the first litter?” When she first called me she claimed to be devastated by the death of her beloved pet, yet obviously did not love the animal enough to do right by her and have her spayed. She told me that feeding eight kittens every two hours was too much for her and that she only wanted one or two because now she had to “replace the cat that was killed.” She wanted the rest to be taken by others and cared for. I can understand not being able to care for eight practically newborn kittens, but I can not understand anyone who merely “replaces” one pet with another, that does not, to me show loving care for the animal lost.

I may never know what really happened to eight kittens we had agreed to help save, but suffice it to say that I am using all contacts I possess trying to find out. I don’t want to give voice to my dark thoughts on the subject for I fear the worst, but then we all know that my faith in humanity is tried and tested on a daily basis. If ever there was a time where I was frustrated enough to say “I give up” this is it. But I can’t let myself do that, because if I do who will be the voice for the voiceless? I will continue on, but I will have become, just a little more jaded.

Until Tomorrow Remember