Special Op-Ed Report: Sled dog killer sentenced in BC

Remember Robert Fawcett? The name should be familiar especially to anyone involved in animal advocacy or rescue, after all, for a while he was international news. HORRIFIC international news, at least if you are someone that has compassion for animals.

In April of 2010 Robert Fawcett cold bloodedly killed approximately one hundred sled dogs. Anyone unfamiliar with the story go here (and tell me what rock you have been hiding under!):

100 Healthy Dogs Slaughtered In BC

That was over two years ago, and now Fawcett is back in the news. The reason, sentencing for the mass slaughter of the BC sled dogs. I am lazy today, so go here for the details, then if you still feel like putting up with my drivel head on back and I will tell you what I think!

Okay so for those of you still with me, hold on to your hat here we go…you KNOW how opinionated I can be! (And let’s face it isn’t that part of the reason you read me?)

I have a serious problem with Fawcett’s sentencing. It not only let’s a person who is by his own admission, guilty of horrific acts of violence against multiple animals, get away with that violence without any real responsibility being taken by him for his actions. Nor it seems, was the Crown interested in exacting any punishment worthy of merit for the crime committed.

The Crown did not seek a jail sentence and the judge did not issue one. Mr. Fawcett was ordered to pay $1,725 in fines. He was given three years of probation and 200 hours of community service, and ordered to continue counselling. He was also handed a 10-year firearms prohibition. (Source: The Globe & Mail)

So we are to forget the hundred innocent animals that lost their lives at Fawcett’s hands? The lives of a hundred animals are worth $1,725 in the eyes of the BC courts?

“The level of fine in no way is based on the level of pain and suffering,” Judge Steven Merrick said. “Because if I were to do that, the amount of fine that I would impose would be astronomical and would never be paid in your lifetime or your grandchildren’s lifetime.” (Source: The Globe & Mail)

Um…I really wouldn’t have a problem with a fine so large that his grandchildren would still being paying it off! At least it would be an indication that courts are beginning to take these things seriously! Better still…throw his ass in jail for a few years! Er…while we are on the subject of jail time, could someone please explain to me exactly WHY the Crown was not seeking jail time? Should society not be responding to this level of animal cruelty and abuse with more than slap on the wrist sentencing? How can we be expected to stem the tide of animal abuse if those admittedly guilty are not punished accordingly?

I am a Canadian citizen, and I am proud of the country I live in, but I am ashamed of the manner in which my country treats animals. If that seems unpatriotic of me, well…give your head a shake! In my humble (albeit loudly expressed) opinion, Canadian courts need to get tougher with their sentencing of those convicted of animal cruelty, and abuse! We will never begin to prevent it until people take it seriously! Robert Fawcett’s sentence is laughable and in no way reflects the seriousness of the crimes he has committed! Until tougher sentences are handed down in these sorts of cases, the laws in place (as inadequate as they are) are not worth the time it took to dream them up!

It’s just my opinion, but I’m sticking to it!



One thought on “Special Op-Ed Report: Sled dog killer sentenced in BC

  1. Until people unite to stand up and demand harsher sentences for animal abusers, these slaps on the wrist will continue. But you of course know that animal agriculture supports leniency because they don’t want to face the same harsh sentences once we decide we won’t allow them to treat farm animals so abysmally.

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