How will the Buehrle family handle a province wide ban on “pit bulls”?

The liberal party of Ontario could find themselves in a bigger fight against BSL than ever before come the start of the Blue Jays next baseball season. Mark Buehrle was traded by the Miami Marlins to the Toronto Blue Jays. No problem there right? Except for one thing, the Buehrle family are “pit bull” owners, and Ontario is ruled by an archaic law known as BSL. That means that according to Ontario law the Buehrle family is more than welcome, as long as they leave their “pit bull” Slater behind. If history repeats itself that is not likely to happen!

Baseball has placed the Buehrle family in this position before. Dade County in Miami has a ban on “pit bulls.” When Buehrle joined the Marlins he chose to live outside of Dade county so he could keep his beloved dog. Of course commuting to work from one county to another is not impossible, just a little inconvenient. How will the Buehrle family handle a province wide ban on “pit bulls”?

One reporter suggested the following:

What he should do is show up in Ontario and dare the dog police to take Slater away. A high-profile act of civil disobedience might spark some needed reform.

What I would like to know is what makes this fool of a reporter think that one act of civil disobedience is going to end with anything but a confiscated dog and a devastated family? Does he think that because Mark Buehrle is a baseball celebrity the government is going to make an exception for his dog? And if they did, is this reporter not aware that such an exception would spark outrage in the “pit bull” owners community, not to mention put an innocent dog in danger of confiscation and euthanization?

For seven years our dogs have been prisoners in Ontario. We can not travel out of the province with them for fear they will not be allowed to return. Our relatives who might own “pit bull” type dogs are not allowed to bring them with them when they visit us here in the land of BSL. Even one of the world’s foremost dog behaviorists was not permitted to bring his “pit bull” into Ontario during a recent speaking tour. Should the Ontario government make an exception for the Buehrle’s dog Slater there will be hell to pay!

Of course this trade could still be vetoed by baseball commissioner Bud Selig and the problem could just disappear. Whatever happens, this trade has drawn national attention to Ontario’s BSL legislature. It’s sad really that Ontario “pit bull” owners have been fighting this law for seven years, and practically no one takes notice, but let ONE MLB star get traded to Toronto and suddenly the “pit bull” ban is national news!

Well, if nothing else maybe the Buehrle story will make people realize what a Draconian law this is in the first place! One can hope!

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  1. The great harm this barbaric law has taken on thousands seems to have no end. Muiti millions spent in the courts, by both our Gov’t using OUR tax dollars the defend themselves, and Ontario dog owners using their hard earned AFTER tax dollars to defend there non offending K9 family members lives, with MOST of those dogs just being a mixed breed mutt with a certain look. How the public ever allowed it’s endorsement is beyond me. Ontario once promoted as “Yours to Discover” has become OnSCARio, “Yours to avoid” It’s just so sad and unacceptabe, especially when one knows the Premier whom placed this law into action had a family “pit bull” type dog himself as a child and knows they are wonderful pets to have.

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