If you are allergic to strong opinions…please avoid this post.

Brace yourselves, today is the day for a rant!

SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: If you are allergic to strong opinions, take responsibility for that allergy and avoid this post. I guarantee it will offend you!

Hey, when you have been involved in rescue for as long as I have, some days you just gotta rant! Or go completely and irretrievably insane. I need to stay sane there are a large number of animal lives depending upon it. So……..I hope this makes some sense but here we go……

Our world has become a world of people who feel an enhanced sense of entitlement and, a delusional belief that they are privileged and society should accommodate them and take responsibility for them.

We see evidence of this all the time, Mothers expecting trees to be cut down because their child is allergic to the nut that grows on them, staple food items being banned from schools because children “might” be allergic to them, entire breed and breed mixes of dogs banned because they “might” bite someone. It borders on ridiculous.

When did we stop taking responsibility for ourselves and place it on the shoulders of society as a whole?

Okay, I’m 47 years old, three years shy of half a century, and what goes on in today’s society under the guise of “protecting the public” has me wondering how I managed to survive childhood never mind reach almost a half century in age. By today’s standards I should have been killed by a nut product or ripped apart by a vicious “pit bull” ever ago. Yet here I am, allergies and all!

So what’s the difference?

In my humble opinion, the difference lies in what our parents, and society taught my generation about life, and personal responsibility, and what is taught by parents and society to today’s generation of children.

I am not saying my parents were perfect, nor am I saying they raised a perfect child, believe me I have my flaws. What I am saying is in my day and age if you were allergic to something you avoided it, plain and simple. You were taught to take responsibility for your own health by avoiding the food or object of your allergy. Now society is expected to avoid it for you.

If you were allergic to nuts you were taught to avoid them, and carefully ask if there were nuts in anything you were offered. Now society is banned from having nuts in public and Mother’s are calling for offending nut trees to be destroyed. (Sound familiar?) Responsibility for the health and safety of those with allergies is placed on society.

If you were afraid of large breed dogs you either avoided them or got over your fear, people were taught to respect animals.Now society bans breeds, (slaughtering hundreds of dogs in the process)and muzzles good dogs to prevent “bite incidents” that could be prevented if people took responsibility for themselves! Once again placing the responsibility on society as a whole for the good of “public safety.”

If you owned a dog you took responsibility for the actions of that dog and taught your children respect for animals. Now we blame the animal and muzzle dogs who have never shown aggression, based on their looks and the fears and mistaken beliefs of a few people in society. Once again accommodating the few at the expense of the many, and putting the responsibility on society instead of each individual separately.

People troll my posts because I put a certain amount of responsibility for dog bites on the victim/parents of the victim. “How dare you!” they say! Then they usually launch into a rant about how “disgusting” I am. What they do not understand is that it is the responsibility of each individual person (or their parents in the case of a child) to take responsibility for their own safety, health, and happiness.

Society is not responsible for this. Naturally society works better when everyone cares about everyone else, but ultimately you are responsible for yourself.

Okay I think I’m done!

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