The NO KILL Movement and the 3% Solution

When I first became involved in animal rescue, I was on the fringe of a new movement. I believed that no animal should be killed because it was homeless. I was a radical, I believed in the NO KILL movement.Nathan Winograd was my hero.

Now years later, the NO KILL movement has grown stronger. Many more people are starting to understand that animals should not pay with their lives for the irresponsibility of humans. The problem lies with those in authority simply not understanding that NO KILL is not only possible, but practical.

PETA would have us believe that the companion animal overpopulation problem can not be solved without euthanising the majority of unwanted companion animals. Indeed statistics released by PETA themselves have them killing 97% of the animals they “rescue.” They say the NO KILL movement will result in shelters “storing animals like stacks of oranges.” PETA would have the public believe that those of us who advocate NO KILL are creating an overpopulation problem that can not be solved without euthanising large numbers of adoptable animals. They say that adoption can not possibly reduce the shelter population unless animals are killed to reduce their numbers. The truth of the matter is that PETA is wrong.

If 3% of the population adopted one animal it would clear shelters of their current occupants. All without killing a single animal. Only 3%, think about that for a moment. Granted, strays and abuse cases will still exist, but education and proper legislation and enforcement of animal rights laws will bring that under control if properly managed. The solution lies with stopping the killing, with educating the public to the fact that these are LIVES not merely unwanted belongings. As long as we allow the slaughter to continue unchecked the general public will accept euthanisation as the cost of doing business.

But back to the 3% solution. Look around you at your one cat or one dog. Would it really be that much trouble to adopt just one more? Would it hurt your cat to have a friend to spend its days with during the long hours when you are at work? Would your dog look at you funny if you brought home a friend for him to run and play with on that weekly outing to the dog park? Somehow I don’t think so. It would be good for your pet, and your heart. So what are you waiting for? There are hundreds of adoptable animals who need your love, all you have to do is visit your local shelter. YOU can be a part of the 3% solution, you simply have to choose to BE THE CHANGE.

The No Kill movement is outlined in the following video clip:

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  1. I live in a city (St. Catharines, ON) where the “animal shelter” (Lincoln County Humane Society) has a 70% KILL rate and the highest adoption fees in the region. When advocates of No Kill tried to apply for membership they were blocked by the current board. Just 20 minutes away the Niagara Falls Humane Society will not kill healthy adoptable animals…–council-wades-into-no-kill-debate

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