It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog (Part Two)

A dead female lies in a pen with her live mate. She was pregnant at the time of her death.

It is estimated that close to two thousand puppy mills operate in the province of Quebec at any given time. Each houses between one hundred and four hundred dogs. Do the math, that means that up to 800000 dogs are trapped in a life of hell. Crammed into cages sometimes barely able to turn around or lie down, these dogs are forced to crank out litters of puppies until their health prevents them from doing so.  Once the female dogs are of no use (can not produce a litter or produce a litter that is too small) they are killed, usually by bludgeoning or drowning. They are not vetted, receive no medical care, and most never leave their cages from birth to death. As a matter of fact some die in their cages and are left to rot.

I am sad to say that Quebec has the reputation of being the puppy mill capital of North America. I am sad to say it because I am Canadian. As a Canadian I was appalled by what I found when researching this blog posting. You will be too. The following is a news clip. It chronicles a puppy mill bust in Quebec. For some of you this footage may be graphic, but it is reality, and it must be stopped.

If you have ever purchased a puppy from an internet add, a pet store or a pet auction (yes I know but sadly pet auctions take place) you have supported a puppy mill. Adopt! Don’t buy while shelter pets die! The abuse has to stop.

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2 thoughts on “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Dog (Part Two)

  1. As someone who grew up in Quebec, this is something I find especially shamefull and disgusting. I only recently learned of this, especially after the Paws R Us debaucle. I do know that there are animal advocates in Quebec that are working hard to try to change the laws to protects animals in Quebec. Sadly considering who they recently elected Premier, I don’t know if it will get any better. She seems solely interested in the advancement of the French Language to the detriment of any other languages spoken.

    • Yes there are people who work tirelessly to end this however without government support it will be a long time before we see the changes we need to see in Canada.

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