They aren’t very tolerant of ankle biters!

Every week on Wednesdays we bring you “The Weekly Dachshund” Follow our rescue Yoda as he learns to become a pack dog.

Well folks it is the beginning of November! Hard to believe our little Yoda has been with us for over seven months! It seems like just yesterday our good friend Carole brought him up from Toronto to be with us here in Barrie. Yoda still has his issues but he makes a little progress every day.

He still isn’t too fond of cats, but he has learned to tolerate them. Good thing too because we live next door to the neighborhood cat lady! Her seven cats use our front porch to sun themselves! No telling how many cats Yoda might run into when we head out the door!

We are slowly working on Yoda’s fear of large breed dogs, he still barks at them but his bark is not as volatile as it used to be and he no longer tries to chase them away and bit at their ankles, which is a good thing because they aren’t very tolerant of ankle biters!

I have discovered that Yoda has a love of all things made out of material. Doesn’t matter what sort of material (although he seems to prefer the soft fuzzy type) he will drag it around with him use it as a bed and on occasion get himself caught up in a sleeve or pant leg. This obsession of his drives me crazy, I am always putting laundry back in the hamper after he has dragged it out and halfway around the house. He is not the only dog in my home that does this, my Great Dane/Lab cross does the same thing, in fact I think he may have taught Yoda this behavior! Between the two of them I spend a major portion of my day returning dirty clothes to the hamper, and sometimes rewashing the laundry that has just come out of the dryer. But…there are worse things they could be doing so I don’t worry about it much.

The more Yoda gets settled in, the more he tries to run the pack, and he genuinely seems surprised when we stop him from doing so! Yoda is still learning to be a pack dog, and while sometimes it seems that he just doesn’t get it, he is making progress. For some reason however, Yoda and my just turned one year old Border Collie/ lab cross Angel still can not be in the same room together. They growl they bark, and they want to kill each other! We are really not sure what it is all about, but they definitely can’t be left alone unsupervised. This weekend we will try to work on their animosity for each other in a controlled environment. Which means muzzling them both for safety, removing the other dogs from their vicinity and introducing them to each other once again. More than likely Yoda’s fear of larger dogs plays some part in this rivalry, but Angel also has her issues which we are working on, so I can’t say that this is all Yoda. We will see how it goes and let you know in Mondays blog!

This coming week should be an interesting one! My daughter is moving back home for a while, and it has been three years since she moved out, so we will have to reintroduce her to the pack and establish her place in the pack order. The next week or two will be a transition period. She also brings home with her two more cats which will have to be reintroduced to our pride of five females and one male (all fixed of course!) Yoda will be beside himself with anger at these two extra cats that have invaded his territory! As you all know he is not good with cats to begin with so adding more to the mix will certainly stir things up. I feel that some pooping on the floor is in my future as this seems to be Yoda’s protest to everything he is not happy with. So we expect a little crazy to come our way over the next couple of weeks. Wish us luck!

Until Next Time Remember,