In the Aftermath of Computer Crashes and Superstorms

Well it would appear we have survived the computer crash from hell! We apologize for being so silent for the last week but computer problems had us offline for most of the week. We are back now and ready to weather anything so we will return you to our regularly scheduled blogging goodness beginning tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with us. We have purchased a new netbook solely for the purpose of keeping the blog online without issues. Thank you Gloria Simpson for giving us such a great deal!


The storm is over but in it’s wake half the U.S eastern seaboard is trying to find its way back to some sense of normalcy. We have heard from some of our rescue friends in the path of the storm and it’s not good! Many shelters and rescue groups are scrambling to salvage something, many have nothing to salvage. FEMA is on the scene, but they don’t worry about the animal casualties in the aftermath of a disastrous storm front, and those that do worry about the animals are in no shape to help them right now, having been hard hit themselves.

If you have NEVER opened your heart and your pocketbook to save animals, now would be the time to start! We will be posting links all day to shelters and rescue groups that need YOUR assistance. We ask that you give generously if you have the capability to do so. Just think how you would feel if it were YOUR animal missing, or YOUR pet that needed help!

We CAN help to minimize the loss by helping others to help those affected by the storm.

RESCUES and SHELTER GROUPS affected by hurricane Sandy who have found animals in the aftermath of the storm should feel free to post those animals to our Facebook page. Anyone looking for a lost pet should also post them to our Facebook page.

Any rescue groups or shelters needing assistance and donations should post their pleas for assistance to the page as well. That way we can help you to network and get your message to more people who may be able to assist.

We will see you all tomorrow when we resume business as usual here at “Everything Worth Knowing….’

Until Next Time Remember