I don’t fear feeble minded people with an agenda, and no facts to back them up.

I have been working with dogs for over twenty years. I retrain and rehabilitate difficult rescues of all breeds. A while back I wrote a couple of posts concerning who is really responsible when dog’s bite. You are probably all aware (if you read me at all) that I firmly believe the responsibility for bite incidents is equally shared between the dog owner, and the bite victim. Yes that’s right, I said the bite victim.

Well one of Barbara Kay’s (or perhaps it’s Colleen Lynn’s) trolls apparently doesn’t like my theories on dog bites and who is responsible, and in the true fashion of a “pit bull” haters everywhere decided to attempt to attack me personally in my own blog! Here is what he had to say:


I am disgusting because I expect people to take responsibility for their actions? I find that highly amusing, but it also shows us the mettle of BSL supporters. They must resort to personally attacking anti-BSL bloggers and “pit bull” supporters, because they can not back up their theories any other way. There are no stats to back up their claims. They know this, and because of it will troll Facebook and the net looking for “pit bull” supporters to send hate mail to.

In my experience BSL supporters are the worst kind of people. The type that disregard the opinions of experts because they don’t support their murderous theories. The type who will lie and manufacture evidence to prove their point. They are lead by the likes of Barbara Kay and Colleen Lynn, people famous for fabricating evidence to bolster their claims that all “pit bull” type dogs are vicious killers. People famous for making up the facts as they go along.

Why have I brought this to your attention? Simply because I want you all to realize that there are people out there who will say and do anything to prove their point. Most of them are in a position to act like authorities on the subject. They are reporters, or so called activists who have a forum for their falsified information. Some will even manufacture their own forum if they have no other way to spread their toxic message of hatred, as in the case of Colleen Lynn, and dogsbite.org. The problem with this is people fall for it. They think the likes of Colleen Lynn and Barbara Kay only want to bring them the facts, and they blindly follow their lead.

To my way of thinking, Colleen Lynn’s vendetta against “pit bull” type dogs is based on her own hatred which was sparked by a bite incident she herself is responsible for! (An analysis of the Colleen Lynn bite incident can be found here.) We are not sure what exactly turned Barbara Kay into a wing nut, but I am sure it will become evident with time. Although Barbara Kay falsifies facts in a lot of her “reporting” so with her it could be just a cry for attention. My point here is this, both of these women have personal reasons for attacking “pit bulls” in the media, I didn’t say they were good reasons but they feel justified nonetheless.

Barbara Kay freely admits that dogsbite.org is one of the only sites she uses to gather “information” for her ridiculous opinion pieces, and Colleen Lynn IS dogsbite.org, how convenient! These clowns really stick together don’t they?

Then there is the supporter above, Mark if that is even his/her/it’s name. He/she/it can’t quote fact on how dogs are solely responsible for bite incidents to back up his/her/it’s hairbrained theories so I am disgusting for expecting people to be responsible for their actions. Nice try Mark but that still won’t get me to change my mind about what twenty years of work with dogs has taught me. I’ve done my homework and can back up my theories with fact, can you? Not likely! You are too busy swallowing the bullshit fed to you by the likes of Barbara Kay and Colleen Lynn to have an original thought.

For the Mark’s of the world, know this…I will continue to spread the truth of the matter where dogs are concerned, and no amount of personal attacks will change that. I have been attacked before as a blogger by some of the best trolls in the world, and yet here I am still spreading the truthful message about “pit bulls”. I will continue to do so until BSL is abolished no matter what nastiness you attempt to throw my way. You want to attack me bring it on! I have a thick skin and can endure anything it takes to save my dog, personal attacks won’t make me go away, they will just strengthen my resolve to get the truth out!

So go ahead, attack me…but I warn you, the gloves are off, and I fight for what I believe in! You want to declare war on me and my dog? So be it! Do your worst! I don’t back down when I know I am in the right, and I don’t fear feeble minded people with an agenda, and no facts to back them up.

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6 thoughts on “I don’t fear feeble minded people with an agenda, and no facts to back them up.

  1. It is my personal opinion that as long as people are more interested in their rights than in their responsibilities, agenda items like blaming illegal immigrants and certain breeds of dogs will prevail. My neighbor next door let me know he doesn’t like Rumpy because of his breed. But it’s not my dog that roams the neighborhood off-leash and starts any fusses between his dog and mine. Of course, I will never convince him otherwise, for he is one of the angry white males that are convinced us women and people of different skin color have stolen something from him. Whatever. Just stay away from my dog dude.

    • I hear ya! The world is overrun with fools who think they know it all! BTW I LOVE Rumpy’s breed/mix? I am partial to Husky’s and Malamutes, and of course pibbles!

  2. Thanks for reminding me that I need to stay calm, level headed, and stick to the facts when these people start bashing the bully breed.

    • That is the best way to go! Thanks for being someone who knows that our bullies are the best dogs in the world. We have to raise our voice in defense of those who can not defend themselves, but we must do so by sticking to the facts of the matter and avoiding personal attacks on pit bull haters. No reason to stoop to their level! Namaste’

  3. Beautifully said! Well done and sending many thanks and warm wishes, Melissa Munro – Maxville, ON

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