Why Every “Single” Woman Should Have a Dog

Gabrielle shortly before her death in the summer of 2008

Are you a single woman living alone in a big city? Have trouble with relationships? Keep dating the wrong guy? You need a rescue dog! Yes that’s right, I said you need a rescue dog, and I’ll tell you why.

In 1989 I was a newly separated woman of 24. I was single and living alone in the big city. After leaving an abusive relationship I was leery of men, as you can well imagine. I got a dog, and felt a little safer about living alone. For the next eighteen years I would dabble in dating, not really trusting men and getting into no really serious relationships. The only one I truly trusted was my rescued Husky/Lab cross dog Gabrielle.

Gabrielle was the first dog I ever fostered. Like most first fosters when the time came to rehome her I could not give her up. I adopted her, and began one of the most rewarding relationships with an animal I have ever had. Gabrielle was my right hand, she worked through life by my side always there to comfort in hard times and to play with in good times. She was my best friend.

As the years went by I began to trust her instincts about people. If she did not like someone or was suspicious of them she always let me know. At first I brushed off her attitude towards some of the men I dated, figuring her for a jealous dog that didn’t want to share her master. Slowly, however I began to see a pattern in Gabrielle’s behavior. The men she didn’t like were controlling and overbearing, just like my ex-husband. They were not nice people and Gabrielle knew it, she was trying to let me know. I began to pay more attention to her response to the men I dated. It became astanding joke amongst friends that the way to my heart was through my dog. It may have been a joke, but it was true, I did not date a man my dog didn’t like!

Dogs have a sixth sense, a way of figuring out who you really are no matter what mask you wear on the outside. Gabrielle was extremely good at it, she could spot a dangerous relationship before it ever started. I remember going out to dinner with one man, when he brought me home he came in for coffee. (get your mind out of the gutter, he really did come in for coffee, at least that was my understanding, and my dog’s) Actually, if I were being honest I would have to say he TRIED to come in for coffee, Gabrielle refused to let him into the house. She stood by the door baring her teeth and growling. If she didn’t want this guy in my home she had a good reason. She had sensed something about him that his outward mask could not hide from her. I said goodnight at the door and never saw him again. Two weeks later a girlfriend of mine dated the same man, and was date raped when he “came in for coffee.” Had I not listened to my dog’s instincts two weeks earlier the same thing could of happened to me.

It was from that point on that Gabrielle became my romantic adviser. If you couldn’t convince her you were a decent human being, you didn’t date me. She was a tough nut to crack, you couldn’t pull the wool over Gabrielle’s eyes, if you had a black heart she knew in an instant. When I met my husband, I knew in an instant he was a man I could trust. Not only did Gabrielle like him, but she’d follow him everywhere he went, and wait outside the bathroom door for him. THIS guy was a keeper as far as she was concerned.

So now all you single women know why I say you need to get a dog. Grab your purse and car keys and head for the local animal shelter, or check with local rescue groups for adoptable dogs. Somewhere out there is a furry four legged creature who is just waiting to be your body guard and best friend. You owe it to yourself to find him or her! You will never regret it, and on those long lonely nights when your life is in a dating spiral, you will have the companionship of a very good friend.

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4 thoughts on “Why Every “Single” Woman Should Have a Dog

  1. You notice how her supporters have been posting all over all of our Anti BSL pages of late? You give that “person” facts and she can’t take the heat. lol. If I was not gone 10 hours of the day and didn’t have Bella and Rusty to worry about a dog not getting along with them and stress in the home… I would in a new york minute !

    • Yeah they are afraid our message is actually getting through! So they resort to personal attacks to attempt to discredit us. All they end up doing is making themselves look like raving lunatics! Yes! I am a horrible person for believing that people should take responsibility for their own actions instead of blaming their stupidity on a defenseless animal! They have no facts to back them up so they attack the people that disagree personally, typical childish behavior, everything is someone else’s fault!

  2. You’re a disgusting woman who likes to blame the victims in dog bite attacks. You don’t deserve any dog.

    • Oh LOOK! A Barbara Kay supporter, or is it Colleen Lynn you favor? Really Mark? Your ignorance is showing!It is people like you who are the problem. The kind of people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and then blame everything and everyone else when things go wrong. Grow up and learn to take responsibility for the things you do!

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