October: Adopt a Shelter Pet Month!

Good morning everybody! Thursday is here! Only one more day and we are into the weekend!

For those of you who are unaware October is Adopt a Shelter Pet Month! We would like to introduce you to a little cat who is looking for a home of his own. He is currently fostered in the Midland, Ontario area. This is what his /rescuer/foster Mom has to say about “DOOGIE”

This is my newest rescue “Doogie”

He is a silver tabby and is approximately 1 year old. He will be neutered on Monday October 29th and will be able to go to a new home hopefully by the end of the week if all goes well.

He was a stray who made his way to my front porch and was slinking up at night to eat, too afraid to be seen in the daylight hours. He was obviously starving by the way he was devouring everything I would put down for him. After a few nights I decided to get to know him a little better to determine his status, feral or stray, and in only 1 evening I had him coming up to me wanting affection, so obviously a very domestic cat.

I brought him inside and in a week took him to the vet. He has had both doses of deworming medicine and advantage for fleas. As stated he will be neutered before adoption, but will not have any of the immunizations yet.

He is extremely affectionate with humans and a beautiful, intelligent little guy, but does have some issues with other cats, which may or may not be resolved with the altering. He is able to play with one of my male cats and basically ignores the older females who simply hiss at him and he walks away. I have no way of telling how he will react to dogs.

He is quite content to be inside and has never tried to escape.

Anyone interested in adopting Doogie can apply by contacting Gloria Simpson on Facebook or writing to the blog at everythingworthknowing@gmx.com . We will pass your message on to Gloria and have her contact you!

Thanks for Taking a Moment to Consider a Shelter Pet!

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