Seniors 4 Seniors: Top Ten Reasons Why A Senior Rescue Might Be Right for YOU!

 Seniors 4 Seniors was started to give rescues a network for placing their senior adoptable rescues with senior humans seeking companion animals. As a concept the program works well, but we would also like to see people like you adopt senior pets from shelters.

Sadly, when most people think of bringing a companion animal into their home they overlook the seniors available, and focus on the younger dogs. “Oh wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring home a puppy?” they think. No one ever thinks about the work that has to go into raising a puppy or the mess one cute little furball can make of your home (which is okay if you can handle that sort of thing.)

People considering getting their first dog will sometimes ask me whether I think they should get a puppy or adopt an older dog. I usually tell them to adopt an older dog the first time, many people just aren’t cut out for puppies and we don’t want to discourage any would be dog lovers out there by overwhelming them with their first experience. This works well because it gives an older dog a second leash on life, and it eases the new dog owner into the dog owning process.

With that in mind we  thought that today we would take a look at the:

Top Ten Reasons Why Adopting a Senior Dog Might Be the Better Choice for YOU!

1.) What you see is what you get!

When you adopt an adult dog, you know exactly what you are getting. You don’t have to go through adolescence or other markers that can adjust the temperament of your dog. You also know about grooming requirements; puppies coats can change during adolescence. You will know about their energy level, their temperament and their full grown size.

2.) Already house trained!

When you adopt an adult, you know that you don’t have to go through the house training process. Don’t panic if your new senior rescue pees on your floor, this usually happens at least once with every rescue I have brought into my home. It usually never re-occurs after the first incident, and usually does not happen when bring a senior rescue into a home with no other animals.

3.) Already fully vetted.

When you adopt an older dog, you will be adopting a dog that is already fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, heartworm tested. You will know if there are any allergies or medical conditions that you need to be aware of. A lot of puppies develop their allergies or other medical needs after adolescence.

4.) Adult dogs mesh with the pack easier.

When you adopt an adult dog, you know their full temperament so you know how the dog will interact with your established pack or family. Caution is still warranted when introducing a new dog to the rest of the pack, and initial introductions are best made outside in the yard.

5.) Enjoy a couch potato!

A lot of adult dogs do not have the same energy level as puppies or young dogs. The risk of shoes being chewed, getting into the garbage and other naughty behaviors are diminished with age. They still need to be walked and exercised, but are content to lounge around and rest for long periods of time.

6.) Easy to train.

Adult rescue dogs are so grateful to be living the good life that they will do just about anything to please you. This makes training a piece of cake! Just remember it might take them a little longer to grasp the concept but once they do they pick it up in no time!

7.) Senior dogs are nothing but love bugs.

A senior dog has seen it all. They know a good thing when they see it and are so grateful they shower you with love, kisses and affection. A senior dog wants nothing more than to be treated with love and cared for.

8.) Time for yourself.

Puppies require 24/7 care. Potty training a puppy can be tiring work with the 3am bathroom breaks. Adult dogs already know human routines. They are glad to sleep in in the morning, they are glad to see you when you come home, but you don’t need to spend 3 hours tossing the ball in the yard. Just some love, dinner, a walk and some quality couch time.

9.) Stress Reliever!

It has been documented that having an animal in your home leads to fewer health issues for humans! Adopting an adult dog you don’t have the same headache potential with a puppy. Health benefits for humans can include, stress management, lower blood pressure, and even help you lose a few pounds! A stress free walk with your dog will get you out doors and active. You may even meet some new people!

10.) Adopt a DOG, Save a LIFE! (This is OUR No. 1 Reason!)

When you adopt an adult dog from a rescue, you are saving more than just that dog. You help free up a foster home that can take in another shelter dog or another abandoned dog. It is like a two for one bonus!

So, are you considering dog adoption? Maybe a senior is right for you! Grab those keys and go check out the available seniors at your local rescue shelters! You might just find your best friend… and give an old dog a great place to retire!

Until Next Time Remember,