It isn’t just we “pit bull” owners that should have to take responsibility for the actions of our dogs!

I got up this morning, pulled the chewstick out of my hair and rubbed my bleary eyes clear. Putting on my robe and slippers I scooped up Yoda the Dachshund and headed downstairs for the coffee pot. Really they should make me wear a sign in the mornings that says “DANGER! Do not approach without coffee!” but that is another story.

As happens every morning, my thoughts turned to the day’s blog and what I would possibly write about. Clueless as usual I decided to check my sources and the mainstream media for any “animal news.” Conveniently, Barbara Kay of the National Post had picked today to remind us how bad a reporter she really is. Problem solved! Ms. Kay had given me my blog topic for the day! She had written another of her poorly researched opinion pieces in response to a story out of Windsor Ontario. Here’s the story:

Ms. Kay’s commentary is so ludicrous I barely know which of her comments to start with! So let’s first look at the tone of her opinion piece as a whole. This time Kay seems to be saying “if it isn’t a large breed dog it can’t be a dangerous dog.” However, small breeds are known to be quicker to bite than large breeds. She furthers that by saying:

 The bylaw is ridiculous. As the city deputy licensing commissioner pointed out, any dog that causes injury to a person or other domesticated animal in Windsor must be deemed dangerous. But bylaws are not generally enacted to address statistically insignificant incidents that are irrelevant to public safety as a whole. There is a big difference to public safety in a puncture wound requiring antibiotic cream and statistically significant fatal or near-fatal incidents of mauling by a fighting dog that is genetically programmed for impulsive aggression and a high prey instinct.

“The bylaw is ridiculous” says Kay. Of course she means that she feels it is ridiculous but only when applied to a small breed dog such as the Chihuhua in question. Apparently she feels bites should be looked at on a case by case basis, and that only those bites that she feels are serious should be addressed. Barbara Kay brings “pit bulls” and their owners into her rant. WTF? No one even mentioned “pit bulls”, we are talking about an aggressive Chihuahua are we not?

There is a reason that the Windsor bylaw is so lacking in the kind of specific that would actually target and diminish the depredations of truly dangerous dogs. Advocates for fighting breeds like pit bulls campaign fiercely to persuade city commissioners that “all dogs bite” and one should “blame the deed, not the breed.” They use the language of human rights (which can only apply to individuals, not to line-bred dogs), saying it is “discrimination” to single out one breed over others. They can be quite relentless in their organized campaigns, and often wear down city commissioners, who buy into their myth that there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a “bad owner.”

Um…apparently not only are we supposed to ignore aggressive small breed dogs, but somehow it is the fault of “pit bull” owners and Anti-BSL activists that this Chihuahua was deemed a dangerous dog?Because governments are stepping up to the plate and beginning to hold dog owners responsible for the actions of their dogs no matter their breed, Barbara Kay MUST find a way to blame us the responsible owners of “pit bulls” for this “ridiculous” act of muzzling an aggressive Chihuahua. Well, if it is our fault I say we should stand up and applaud ourselves! It isn’t just we “pit bull” owners that should have to take responsibility for the actions of our dogs!

WE “pit bull” owners are HUMAN, and therefore human rights DO apply to us. WE are being discriminated against because we choose to love a “pit bull” instead of a Chihuahua  OUR rights have been infringed upon by laws that make our dogs the targets of the Barbara Kay’s of the world, people who are incapable of objectivity and use their status as reporters to try and shove their personal opinions down the throats of law abiding Canadians who dare to disagree with them.

I for one applaud the city of Windsor, Ontario for their actions. It shows that ALL pet owners are equal in the eyes of the law. It shows that ANY breed of dog can be aggressive and that aggression should be taken seriously. The reason Barbara Kay is up in arms? Well that’s simple, Windsor’s actions don’t conform to her agenda to make her readers believe that everything should be blamed on the “pit bull” and all other breeds are “safe.” There is no such thing as a “safe” breed of dog, there are well socialized and trained dogs, and then there are out of control dogs, but breed has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Barbara Kay really has obviously done no research on the subject. No talks with expert dog handlers, breeders, or veterinarians seem to have ever taken place. If they had she would know there is no such thing as breeding for “bad”, she never would have said:

But there are “bad dogs” that are bred to be bad dogs: dogs that have never been bred for anything else but the infliction of pain and suffering on other animals or people.

NO dog has EVER been bred for these things! These are traits which are beaten into fight dogs by the assholes that pit them against each other, they are not inherited traits, they are LEARNED traits. Believe me, no dog fighter ever trained their dog to be human aggressive, they don’t want to be bit any more than anyone else does. If Barbara Kay knew a damned thing about dog behavior or had actually spoken to any one of a number of dog behavior experts she would know that! But isn’t that the trouble? Barbara Kay never speaks to the experts, that might mess up her little vendetta against “pit bulls” and their owners!

Until Next Time Remember

PEACE, LOVE, & FREEDOM for Pit Bulls



12 thoughts on “It isn’t just we “pit bull” owners that should have to take responsibility for the actions of our dogs!

  1. Thank You EveryDogsMom for getting it strait. This world has gone and got itself in a big mess and our dogs are the only beings to keep us sane and logical.
    My girlfriend and I are blessed every day to have our kids. I am a trainer and Im constantly being taught by dogs how to help other dogs and their needs.

    By the way… we have six (four of which are Pit Bulls) and our organization does nothing but breed awareness, market the importance of responsible ownership, and directly engage those here in Denver, CO who believe 24 years of banning/ slaughtering innocent family owned pit bulls is good policy.

    Thank you again for your sanity.

    Chef David Edelstein
    and Team Pit-a-Full
    Denver, CO

    Ps… we also use the internet to further our cause-

  2. Thank you for writing this blog entry counteracting Barbara Kay’s vicious campaign against owners of certain types of dogs.

    I feel, however, that I must raise one issue.

    You may not be aware that Windsor enacted one of Canada’s most severe breed-specific bylaws almost a full year before the provincial ban was implemented. Windsor banned all “pit bulls” that were not already in the city in 2004. Any “pit bull” found in the city that didn’t have a 2004 licence was (and still is) required to be handed over to the pound for destruction. The bylaw did not provide any other options. Any “pit bull” considered legal is required to be microchipped, muzzled, leashed, sterilized, and the owner is required to have a minimum of one million dollars liability insurance for each dog! In addition, the law requires specialized fencing, special signage on the property of the owner, and a 7 to 8 times higher licence fee.

    If the owner of a “legal pit bull” in Windsor contravenes any of the above requirements, the dog immediately becomes a prohibited dog and must be handed over to the pound for destruction.

    This bylaw is still in place today and it goes far beyond Ontario’s hated Dog Owners’ Liability Act.

    While I agree with Windsor’s decision regarding this particular small dog, this does not mitigate that city’s culpability in the deaths of hundreds of dogs, based solely on their looks, whose owners were unable to find housing or insurance or who did not comply with all of the “pit bull” requirements.

    Please find the details on Windsor’s website at

    • You are right, I was not aware of that, thank you for bringing it to our attention!

  3. As a dog lover I couldn’t agree more. Dogs should be judged on a individual basis rather than judged by breed. I am always more scared of a poorly owned small dog. I have had way more issues with snappy small dogs in my life.

  4. AGH! thank you for not linking her! agh…. agh.. obviously, I am not as articulate as you are!!!!!!!!
    I don’t understand her agenda.. she so obviously uses the word “pit bull” whenever she can.. ??? Is it google hits?

  5. Barbara Kay needs to be put into the same kennel with Colleen Lynn, period. She has sipped the Kool Aid, and as Jayne mentioned above, sometimes you just can’t fix stupid. People will not get the facts until the media stops diproportionately reporting “pitt bull” attacks.

  6. Sometimes ya just can’t fix stupid….sent her duct tape for her mouth lol

  7. I have had many breeds of companion dogs…and guess which “breed” (that slays me) I would trust over all the others…My Pittie…unless people are afraid of getting licked by stinky breath he is the most loving and loyal sweet thing!

  8. You are totally right and I applaud you for writing this blog. I wish the negative people out there would truly pay attention to the facts and they will finally get the message that bad behavior is taught not bred into any breed. Thanks

    • Thanks for being one of the people that DON’T need convincing!

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