The Weekly Dachshund: How did this chew stick get in my hair?



Welcome to the first installment of “The Weekly Dachshund” stories and musings about life with my senior Dachshund Yoda!


Oh my! I have come to the conclusion that my doxie Yoda is a comedian! Most times he doesn’t mean to be funny but that is usually the result of his antics. He has strange quirky habits that we find highly amusing. For example, last night as we lay in bed watching movies (our favorite past time because it gives us a chance to spend some quality cuddle time with our furbabies) we noticed that Yoda was restless and needed something to do.

Now every time one of our dogs gets goofy and won’t settle down, my husband breaks out the chewsticks. It is his philosophy that chewsticks have a calming effect. So what do you do with a restless doxie? Give him something to do of course! My husband gave Yoda a chewstick treat, and we both expected him to lie down and chew it peacefully. Not our Yoda! He sees every snack as an opportunity to work on his covert stashing skills. He can hide anything, as long as it is small enough to stuff under a pillow or couch cushion. So anyway, my husband gives Yoda the chewstick, and Yoda promptly begins to circle the bed looking for a suitable place to stash his prize for later consumption.

For the next half hour, Yoda carried his treat around the bed trying desperately to find a hiding spot for the prized chewstick. Let’s face it we were sitting in a bed, not a lot of good hiding spots on a bed. Yoda is short, and the bed is up off the floor quite a distance when you are only eight inches tall, so getting down to find a spot to stash things was not an option. What does our Yoda do? Does he give up? No! Not our Yoda!

Our Yoda carefully places his prized treat in the middle of the bed, and then begins rearranging the blankets to cover it from sight. Now I have seen dogs manipulate blankets before, you know how they will paw at them to get them “just right” before laying down? Never have I seen such an expert blanket manipulator as our Yoda! This little dog could work in a hospital nursery covering babies back up when they kick off their blankets! He could probably swaddle the child if you gave him half a chance! Within minutes, the chewstick had disappeared completely from our sight, and Yoda had settled down to cuddle. Ah peace and quiet, or so we thought…

About ten minutes after successfully stashing his treat in the blankets, Yoda decides he needs a snack. So, knowing he has a treat stashed somewhere on the bed he begins to look for it. After about five minutes goes by we start thinking to ourselves “Hmmmm, he’s forgotten where he stashed it!” Yoda, by this time has obviously become alarmed, and is now frantically searching the blankets for the misplaced treat. He stops for a second and looks up at my husband as if to say “okay Dad what did you do with it?” then begins rooting through the blankets with renewed vigor.

My husband gets the bright idea to give him another chewstick. This calms the little dog down, but now the stashing process begins all over again! Once more he begins to circle the bed chewstick in mouth, looking for a hiding spot. In his searches he finds the first chewstick, which now must be consumed before the new one is hidden. Yoda places the second chewstick on the bed and lays on it. Then he takes the first chewstick, the one that he had misplaced and begins to chew on it. Ah peace and quiet at last! But then…

First chewstick consumed Yoda stands up and picks up the chewstick he has been laying on and begins to circle the bed. By this time I am only half watching the little dog, so I do not see where he has stashed the second chew stick. Yoda comes up and climbs onto my lap where he promptly lays down and cuddles in for the remainder of the movie. I have forgotten all about the chew stick by the time I fall asleep.

This morning, I awaken, bleary eyed I sit up and reach up to brush the hair out of my eyes. That is when I find Yoda’s chewstick, firmly planted in the rat’s nest my hair becomes every night when I sleep. How did this chew stick get in my hair? Apparently the industrious little dog had found the perfect hiding spot, right under my pillow!

Until Next Time Remember