“Happy Tails” Bowser’s Story

Bowser went home with the Lambert-Park family shortly before Christmas. This however was no ordinary adoption, the family was finally settling back into normal life after dealing with the business of getting through baby Brygette’s bone marrow transplant surgery. They had lost their beloved dog Buddy the December before, and were missing the love of a good dog. Buddy was a rescue they had adopted from me three years before, we never knew where he came from but he bonded with the Lambert-Park family and was their constant companion until cancer took him on December 29th, 2009.

Without their beloved dog, and facing the most difficult hurdle they had come up against since Brygette’s birth was not easy on the family. That is when I offered them one of Buddy’s pups. Bowser. They fell in love with him at first sight, the same way they had fallen in love with his father before him. But they could not take their dog home yet. Brygette was still in the hospital, and her parents were living in transition at the Ronald McDonald House near Toronto Sick Kids Hospital. “Not to worry” I said Bowser would stay here with Todd and I until Doctors gave the okay for him to go home with Brygette and her parents..

That day finally came, and Penny came to pick up her dog. Bowser left the home he had lived in for the past two years and without so much as a glance back in our direction jumped into Penny’s car and was gone. For the next few months I received updates from Penny and pictures kept coming in of Bowser with Brygette. It was clear that this adoption was working out wonderfully. Bowser had bonded with Brygette and was now her constant companion just as I had hoped.

Then came the invitation to visit. Penny was amazed by the bond between Brygette and Bowser and wanted us to see for ourselves how the baby and the dog interacted with each other.The bond between Brygette and Bowser is nothing short of amazing! He never leaves her side, and I am told he whines for her if she is not present. Despite the fact that he was raised by Todd and I, last night he watched us carefully when we interacted with Brygette. At one point in the evening I picked Brygette up in my arms to bring her inside, the second I put her back down Bowser had to “inspect” her to make sure she was alright. I am told he does the same thing every time she goes down the slide at the local park.

All in all folks I would have to say that Bowser’s adoption has been one of the most memorable to date. It illustrates perfectly how the unconditional love of an animal for it’s human family can help them through the most difficult things life throws at them. They have come a long way from wondering how they were going to face life without their Buddy boy. Bowser has stepped up and filled that void. They will never forget Buddy of course. He came along at a time in their life when they had given up on hopes and dreams of ever having a child, and got them through the diagnosis of Brygette’s illness and the ensuing treatment. When he died part of their strength died with him, but now they have their Bowser, and he will be by their side no matter what life throws at them. If you were to ask the Lambert-Park family how they feel about adopting their rescue dog, they will probably tell you they would do it again in a heartbeat!

Buddy and Bowser did something for us too! They gave us wonderful friends in the Lambert-Park family, people we might never have met were it not for the fact that they were seeking the love of a good dog.

To Penny and Trevor I want to say thank you. Thank you for choosing to adopt, thank you for giving not one but two of our rescues a second chance at life, and most of all thank you for being you. You are wonderful people, and I am glad to call you friends.

You can find the same unconditional love as the Lambert-Park family by opting to adopt. There are many wonderful pets just waiting for a home and a family to call their own. Adopting a pet will change your life, it is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do! So remember, ADOPT DON”T SHOP!

Until Tomorrow Remember