New and Improved Things are Happening!

Hey everybody! I hope this past week has been a good one! We have been busy trying to figure out how to combine three different dog blogs and four different dog pages into one fun filled informative blog! We think we have finally managed to get it figured out so here’s the deal! The blog is changing again! Don’t panic! We will still be bringing you the same fun, and well researched content we will just be doing so in a way that allows you to choose your favorite parts of the blog. Let me explain!

Starting next week we will be bringing you four new columns on a weekly basis!

On Monday’s join us for “Happy Tails” and start the week off with an injection of feel good, as we tell you about successful adoptions.


On Tuesday’s join us for “Seniors for Seniors” our column all about senior adoptees and the humans who love them!

On Wednesday’s, join us for “The Weekly Dachshund” our new column about our senior rescue Ambassador, YODA!


On Thursday’s follow “Walking Niki” as we walk you through living life with a BSL dog in Ontario!


The rest of the week will be devoted to trying to keep up with doggie news as it happens. If you have any suggestions as to blog content please feel free to comment here and let me know!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls