Don’t be a Sheeple, Do Your Own Research!

Wow! I am totally stoked by the response to my post “Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think Again!” The post has gone mini-viral with over 18,000 reads in three days. I am not bragging about my writing skills here you understand, I am seriously stoked that the message is getting out there! People are starting to understand that EVERY dog owner needs to be concerned about BSL! As far as I am concerned, THIS is progress!

When BSL came into being in Ontario, I fought it on principle, not because I owned a “pit bull” but because a legislation that punishes animals who have done nothing wrong based on what they look like, is a bad legislation in my eyes. While I never dreamed one of MY dogs would be caught up in it all I still did not want to see BSL in my province, or anywhere else. It is why this blog was born, and it has had several incarnations over the years since 2005.

Your response to my posting about my dog Niki and her plight has taught me that you are listening, and doubled my resolve to bring you the correct information concerning the matter of BSL. After all, is it not my responsibility to tell you the truth of the matter? I feel it is,because I do not believe anyone can be effective in even amateur journalism without maintaining integrity.

Perhaps you may have noticed how every headline involving a bite incident with a “pit bull” is sensationalistic. Perhaps you have noticed that many reporters quote in their articles, but do you know why “pit bull” supporters HATE Let me enlighten you!

Firstly, let me ask you if you are aware that the site was started by supposed bite victim Colleen Lynn? Perhaps so. Are you aware that Colleen Lynn hates dogs and would do anything to see “pit bulls” or anything she thinks looks like a “pit bull” wiped off the face of the map forever? Maybe not. Are you aware that upon reconstruction and examination of the bite incident that started Colleen Lynn’s crusade we can determine that HER actions caused the dog ( a “pit bull” according to Colleen Lynn) to bite her? Let me show you!

In this case the victim (Colleen Lynn) is bitten by a leashed dog while jogging down the street. The diagram shows the dog and owner in relation to the jogger. Arrows depict the direction in which they were travelling..(see this link for a longer explanation of the dog bite breakdown in this case)

Had Colleen Lynn passed on the left where there was plenty of space to distance herself from the dog, the bite would never have happened. However, for some reason she chose to attempt to go between the leashed dog and the brick wall invading the dog’s space and taking it by surprise. The dog’s reaction was to turn and snap at the threat. Colleen Lynn’s decision to pass on the right instead of the left is what prompted the bite.

Society always blames the dog when dog bite incidents happen, and Colleen Lynn knows this. However, if we are going to keep things real, dog bites usually happen because of negligent owners and bite victims who make bad decisions. In this case that bite victim was Colleen Lynn, and her bad decision to invade the space of a dog unknown to her is what caused the bite. That bite is what started Lynn’s crusade against “pit bulls.”

But when Colleen Lynn did her research, the numbers didn’t satisfy her. So she dispensed with the truth and created her own truth. Colleen Lynn would have you believe that a “pit bull” kills a child every five minutes. Yet there has not been a death by “pit bull” in the province of Ontario since the 1960’s. She would have you believe that “pit bulls” were BRED to kill. Again another falsehood. “Pit bulls” were originally bred to bull bait (the dog grabs a bull by the nose and doesn’t let go so that the person castrating the bull doesn’t get gored). They were working dogs! It was not until bull baiting was abolished that the dogs were pitted against each other in a fight to the death for the entertainment of HUMANS.

Colleen Lynn refutes the feel good stories of “pit bulls” saying that owners of the dogs will do anything to claim that our dogs are docile. She will tell you we are all criminals who lie to protect our vicious dogs. She will tell you hers is the ONLY truth in the “pit bull” matter. In other words she will out and out lie to get HER point across!

Main stream journalists love Colleen Lynn’s web site. They figure they don’t have to do any independent research, after all Ms. Lynn has done it for them and put it all in one place. How convenient! What they do not seem to realize is they are perpetuating lies. The stats and information found on the web site have absolutely no basis in fact, and main stream journalists would realize this if they only did a little real research into the matter.

We who fight BSL have done that research. I for one religiously research every new claim made by Ms. Lynn. To date I have yet to find ANY corroborating evidence for her claims, but then unlike Colleen Lynn, I only do my research using legitimate websites! But don’t take MY word for it! Do a little independent research of your own. It doesn’t take long to prove everything I have just told you about, and Colleen Lynn.

Here are a few links to get you started:

Dog Legislation Council of Canada

A Letter From The Toronto Humane Society

The Truth About BSL

Fatal Dog Attacks in Canada 1990 – 2007

Who IS Colleen Lynn?

Public Health Agency of Canada

I ask that you draw your own conclusions. I know what I believe, and I have done the research myself. Now I ask that you do the same. Our dogs deserve a fair shake, so religiously listening to people like Colleen Lynn and her false claims without actually finding out for yourself is a mistake. I merely ask that you not follow the likes of Colleen Lynn blindly, but that you find out for yourself what the truth really is! If you still decide that you are against “pit bulls” so be it, at least you will have come to that conclusion in an informed and responsible manner.

Until Next Time Remember,

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls


2 thoughts on “Don’t be a Sheeple, Do Your Own Research!

  1. I don’t own a pit bull, (I have a lab mix, and a great dane) and I feel so bad for pit bulls and their good owners. I fully support the message you’re spreading and I love your blog! Hopefully more people will start to realize what’s going on around them! 🙂

    • I sincerely hope they do realize that just because their dog is not in their eyes a “pit bull” does not mean that some uninformed citizen could decide it is. Then your only recourse is to fight for your dog unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt it isn’t. These days with people buying their pets in retail stores and some of those pets not being breed registered that is not an easy thing to do. What most people do not understand about Breed Specific Legislature is that if your dog is targeted it is not up to authorities to prove your dog is a “pit bull”, it is up to owners to prove it isn’t. Since DNA tests on dogs are not admissable as evidence of breed that is not something many owners can do. We have to work to abolish this ridiculous legislature and bring in laws that place responsibility on dog owners.

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