“Pit bull” attacks in the news are common. They are blown out of proportion and sensationalized to the fullest by overzealous reporters looking to up their readership. Truth be told, “pit bull” attacks are isolated incidents. Far more people are bitten by other breeds than by “pit bull” type dogs. We just don’t hear about those incidents because they don’t have the sensationalism reporters crave in a story. We also don’t hear the positive “pit bull” stories despite the fact that there are far more positive stories than negative. Positive “feel good” stories don’t get the readership main stream media is looking for. Far better for their readership when they can denigrate the “breed”, and take a stand against them. (Please note the dripping sarcasm in that last sentence.)

“Pit bull” type dogs get a bad rap in the media. Why? It sells papers. It’s a hot button issue with a lot of people. If they see “pit bull” in the headline they want to read the story, and they are not expecting sweetness and light when they do, they are expecting violence and injury. Main stream media gives it to them, at times even identifying attacks by dogs whose breed is unknown or mixed as “pit bulls” to catch the readers eye and spark their interest. To my way of thinking this is irresponsible reporting, but it seems to be standard practice in this day and age.

What I do not understand, is why stories such as those I have served up to you in the following links, are not news. Very seldom do you see a positive “pit bull” story hit the front page, but it seems that EVERY negative one ends up there.

So today, dear readers, I have homework for you. (Okay don’t throw that chair at me it isn’t DIFFICULT homework!) I want you to check out some of the POSITIVE “pit bull” stories I have provided links to here below, and I ask that you share them with your friends and family. Let’s start getting the positive out in the open. Let’s pass it around. Some of us have spent years railing against bad legislation, let’s let them know WHY?

We love our dogs right? Get out there people! Be that voice for the voiceless, and help us spread a positive “pit bull” message. Share these stories, introduce people to that fun loving, loyal, marshmallow of a pitty you are fighting for! Show the world that our dogs are not monsters! Show the world that our dogs are worth saving! Can we eradicate BSL in our lifetime? Say it with me…YES WE CAN!

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P.S: Don’t forget to do your homework and check out the links below!


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