When life is in the balance, it would be remiss of any of you not to examine the facts from both sides.

Good morning fellow dog lovers! I hope your summer was a good one. We had a great summer with our dogs! I love the summer months they make it so much easier to spend time outside with the furbabies.

This summer has been a busy one in the fight against BSL. I have met many wonderful people who put the welfare of their pets above all else. I have spoken with many like minded people who see BSL does not work, and who are willing to fight for the freedom of our dogs. It has also been the summer of sensationalistic press via Barbara Kay of the National Post, and a certain beauty queen whose name I am sure everyone already knows.

Some days I feel as if I am beating my head against a brick wall. The more people start to realize that BSL is not the answer, the more sensationalism we hear from Ms. Barbara Kay. Now someone having an opposing opinion on the BSL issue is not new. We come up against the uneducated and backward all the time. But this Barbara Kay is the kind of opposing opinion that will make things up as it goes along, and that is just simply not acceptable.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect everyone on the planet to love “pit bulls” as much as I and my friends do, but I do expect people’s opinions to be based on fact and not fiction, and it is for this reason that I rail against reporters (and I use the term loosely in reference to Ms. Kay) who do not base their op-ed pieces on the truth. To me they have absolutely no integrity as reporters and should not be allowed to write pure fiction in order to sway the general public to their way of thinking. To my way of thinking, nothing should be printed in any newspaper for the general consumption of the public unless it can be backed up by research done properly. Research done properly includes looking at both sides of the situation, something Barbara Kay has freely admitted she does not do. Yet the National Post still continues to allow her drivel to be consumed by the masses. Unchecked reporting is just simply not acceptable in my eyes.

When I write an opinion piece I research both sides of the coin. I know what I believe is right, but I owe it to my readers to present an informed opinion not a biased one. Therefore it is imperative to discuss both sides of the issue in an intelligent manner. It is for this reason that I use ONLY legitimate research sites as reference material. The same can not be said of reporters like Barbara Kay of the National Post whose favorite research site is dogsbite.org a site set up by dog haters to skew the numbers in favor of a breed ban.

If you read the National Post at all you will be familiar with Barbara Kay. She is famous for her sensationalistic reports on the BSL issue. Barbara Kay will tell you our dogs are killers. She will tell you that they rip children apart for fun on a daily basis. However, there has not been a case of a pit bull killing a child in Ontario since the 1960’s. She will tell you that “pit bulls” topped the list for bites in Ontario prior to the 2005 ban, and that BSL is working. Neither statement is true at all. In fact “pit bulls” are not the foremost in the bite stats for Ontario, and never have been, and bite stats are still the same as they were before the ban, nothing has changed.

Yes I know, I have told you all of this before, but is it getting through? Have you started independent research on the subject or are you still clinging to Barbara Kay’s fictional ramblings? The reason I keep repeating myself is not because I am trying to goad you into agreeing with me, but rather because I wish you to form an intelligent opinion of the matter at hand. You can not possibly do so if you are only being given the biased opinion of a pit bull hater like Ms. Kay.

When life is in the balance, it would be remiss of any of you not to examine the facts from both sides. After all we are not talking about old couches or shoes here, we are talking about living breathing beings with feelings and attachments to the people who love them. Animals whose only transgression in life is to be born looking like the government definition of a “pit bull.” Surely even someone who hates dogs can see that condemning all of them because of what they look like is an injustice that can not be allowed to continue.

Please people, before you jump on the Barbara Kay band wagon, do a little legitimate research of your own and form an intelligent opinion!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!