Race has no place in the fight against BSL!

Well as you are all aware by now I am sure, Niki and I missed the Biker’s & Bully’s without Borders finale. I was sick, and to top it all off my car gave up the ghost, the rad blew and so no trip to Toronto for us! That of course has not stopped us from fighting the good fight, so in that interest we wish to weigh in on the Sahar Biniaz fiasco.

For those of you who are unaware, Sahar Biniaz is Miss Universe Canada, and a “pit bull” hater! She made headlines this past week when she declared that she supports a ban on “pit bulls” in BC. As you can well imagine this has garnered her a lot of attention, but not the type of attention she was looking for I am sure. Sahar Biniaz has put herself in the spotlight, and as a result thousands of Canadians are calling for an end to her reign. Seems Canadian dog lovers will not tolerate erroneous, and inflammatory statements by beauty queens about their dogs!

I of course, support the call for an end to her reign. After all as far as the government is concerned Niki is one of these dogs, and I am well aware how difficult it is to properly maintain a BSL dog in Ontario. I have no wish to see owners in BC subjected to the same hardships as we live with here in Ontario, and of course, I am opposed to BSL in any environment. So I rail against Sahar Biniaz and those of her ilk.

But I am disappointed and discouraged by the response by some in the anti BSL community. I say call for her dismissal, I say she should not speak out about a subject she knows nothing about, and “pit bulls” are something Miss Biniaz is obviously not an expert on. However, personal attacks on her race are out of line! They also make no sense considering what we are fighting for. Here we all are trying to say that profiling is wrong, but there many of you are profiling Miss Biniaz based on her race! You can’t practice what you preach against, and expect to be taken seriously!

We need to rail against Biniaz’ support of a ban on “pit bulls” in BC, not her nationality or her country of origin. We need to call for her removal not because she was born in Iran, but because she has shown the utmost in intolerance by condoning a ban on these dogs because of her alleged personal encounter with one at the age of fourteen. We dislike her for her stance on “pit bulls” not because she was born outside of Canada. Truth be told, not a one of you would have a problem with her nationality if she had not come out against our dogs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not defending the woman, I am merely saying that if we wish to be taken seriously, we can not stoop to the level of name calling and racism, after all, is that not exactly what we are fighting against? Guess what I am saying here folks is, keep the fight clean, and stay away from attacks on the woman’s nationality, they are just going to make us look bitter and in the end will probably do more harm then good. Stick to the facts of the matter, leave nationality out of the equation.

Jus’ Sayin”

Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls!

Janette & Niki


4 thoughts on “Race has no place in the fight against BSL!

  1. I think it is perfectly acceptable to demonstrate to her using her race as an example of why her perception of pit bulls is wrong. She is judging several breeds or “races” of dog based on the actions of a few in the same irrational way people judge her race. If it was suggested to her to ban all Iraqi’s because they all grow up to be terrorists… well, sometimes people need that kind of kick in the head to get it.

    • So you would be one of those people who think two wrongs make a right? It is not acceptable to do that which we rail against to someone “because they did it first” you should remember that we can only lead by example and that does not set the right example.

  2. Well said, thank you. Your concerns are mine; that racist or derogatory comments will detract from our cause and make us all look bad.

    • Precisely my thinking! This is a serious matter and should be treated as such. Every negative we throw just detracts from the real issue, and makes us look like exactly what Biniaz’ supporters accuse us of being. We can not stoop to their tactics of spreading hatred, and calling names if we expect to be taken seriously.

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