She is just a dog. MY dog, and I love her!

Today I would like to share with two very different experiences from yesterday’s walks with my own eroneously labeled dog Nakita.

I had stopped walking Nakita in public, tired of the muzzle and the reception she often receives, we preferred to walk her late at night or simply run with her in our big back yard. However, Niki has gained far too much weight, so out of necessity the walks have begun again. Yesterday, when I took her for her afternoon walk I noticed that a woman approaching us crossed to the other side of the street to avoid Niki.

Now Niki is a very docile dog, has been since she was a puppy, but she is big she is black and to some, she looks like a pit bull. So most people avoid her without ever getting to know her, as was the case with this woman.  She feared Niki because of her looks, which to my way of thinking, is a direct result of BSL.

Niki and I continued on, but I couldn’t help wondering to myself, “how can you be afraid of a dog without ever meeting her?” Now I know I am biased, Niki is after all my baby, I have had her since she was a puppy that someone didn’t want because they decided she was going to be too much of a handful to raise. Niki has never been a problem. As a matter of fact she teaches our rescues proper manners, and has been doing so since she was two years old! She is a very smart and lovable dog, and all she wants is a pat on the head and to be told she is a good girl. Niki lives to please. Niki is also NOT a pit bull. BSL affects her because of the broad and vague definition of pitbull which exists under Ontario law. Niki is one of those dogs McGuinty calls “significantly similar.” Niki is one of those dogs McGuinty has labeled “vicious” sight unseen.

So as you can see our afternoon walk was discouraging, but undaunted, we set off again after the dog’s evening snack. This time my husband came along bringing his Dane cross Phoenix along for the walk. What a sight we must of presented walking down the beach with our two large black dogs! I noticed a few people moved over to give us plenty of space as we passed. As we walked down the beach, we came upon a very tiny woman walking a very large Dane and a little Shih Tzu. We fell into step beside her and she remarked how well behaved our dogs were, and introduced us to hers. Louis, the Dane was huge and dwarfed our 120lb. Phoenix who is usually the biggest dog in any bunch we come across. Louis and Phoenix checked each other out and decided they were friends. In the meantime Bacardi, the Shih Tzu was checking out our girl Niki.

Now Niki can usually take or leave little dogs. Truth be told I think they annoy her, but true to her nature she stood still and allowed Bacardi to sniff her out. Bacardi decided she was an acceptable walking buddy and fell into step beside her. It was then that I reaized, this woman had shown no fear of Niki. As a matter of fact, she was walking right beside my girl and there was no negative reaction at all! A few seconds later I realized why. This responsible dog owner began to talk to me about the fact that there are no bad dogs, but there are some colossally bad owners! “It’s all in how you raise ’em” she said. “Wow!” I thought. “Finally someone who gets it! How I wish more people would understand that!”

So, if you see me out walking my pibble down the beach (and you will) please don’t run away from her, it hurts her feelings. She just wants to say hello, maybe get a little pat on the head, and told she is a pretty dog, but she isn’t going to eat you! Get to know her, who knows you might just decide you like pit bull type dogs after all! (Even though Niki is a Husky/Lab cross.)

Look at that face! How could anyone be afraid of such a smiley dog?

These are the dogs BSL targets, these are the dogs whose owners walk around in constant fear. These are the dogs the world will try to tell you are inherently vicious. Take a GOOD look, does she look like a killer to you? Of course not, she is just a dog. MY dog, and I love her!

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls


Don’t be a Sheeple, Do Your Own Research!

Wow! I am totally stoked by the response to my post “Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think Again!” The post has gone mini-viral with over 18,000 reads in three days. I am not bragging about my writing skills here you understand, I am seriously stoked that the message is getting out there! People are starting to understand that EVERY dog owner needs to be concerned about BSL! As far as I am concerned, THIS is progress!

When BSL came into being in Ontario, I fought it on principle, not because I owned a “pit bull” but because a legislation that punishes animals who have done nothing wrong based on what they look like, is a bad legislation in my eyes. While I never dreamed one of MY dogs would be caught up in it all I still did not want to see BSL in my province, or anywhere else. It is why this blog was born, and it has had several incarnations over the years since 2005.

Your response to my posting about my dog Niki and her plight has taught me that you are listening, and doubled my resolve to bring you the correct information concerning the matter of BSL. After all, is it not my responsibility to tell you the truth of the matter? I feel it is,because I do not believe anyone can be effective in even amateur journalism without maintaining integrity.

Perhaps you may have noticed how every headline involving a bite incident with a “pit bull” is sensationalistic. Perhaps you have noticed that many reporters quote in their articles, but do you know why “pit bull” supporters HATE Let me enlighten you!

Firstly, let me ask you if you are aware that the site was started by supposed bite victim Colleen Lynn? Perhaps so. Are you aware that Colleen Lynn hates dogs and would do anything to see “pit bulls” or anything she thinks looks like a “pit bull” wiped off the face of the map forever? Maybe not. Are you aware that upon reconstruction and examination of the bite incident that started Colleen Lynn’s crusade we can determine that HER actions caused the dog ( a “pit bull” according to Colleen Lynn) to bite her? Let me show you!

In this case the victim (Colleen Lynn) is bitten by a leashed dog while jogging down the street. The diagram shows the dog and owner in relation to the jogger. Arrows depict the direction in which they were travelling..(see this link for a longer explanation of the dog bite breakdown in this case)

Had Colleen Lynn passed on the left where there was plenty of space to distance herself from the dog, the bite would never have happened. However, for some reason she chose to attempt to go between the leashed dog and the brick wall invading the dog’s space and taking it by surprise. The dog’s reaction was to turn and snap at the threat. Colleen Lynn’s decision to pass on the right instead of the left is what prompted the bite.

Society always blames the dog when dog bite incidents happen, and Colleen Lynn knows this. However, if we are going to keep things real, dog bites usually happen because of negligent owners and bite victims who make bad decisions. In this case that bite victim was Colleen Lynn, and her bad decision to invade the space of a dog unknown to her is what caused the bite. That bite is what started Lynn’s crusade against “pit bulls.”

But when Colleen Lynn did her research, the numbers didn’t satisfy her. So she dispensed with the truth and created her own truth. Colleen Lynn would have you believe that a “pit bull” kills a child every five minutes. Yet there has not been a death by “pit bull” in the province of Ontario since the 1960’s. She would have you believe that “pit bulls” were BRED to kill. Again another falsehood. “Pit bulls” were originally bred to bull bait (the dog grabs a bull by the nose and doesn’t let go so that the person castrating the bull doesn’t get gored). They were working dogs! It was not until bull baiting was abolished that the dogs were pitted against each other in a fight to the death for the entertainment of HUMANS.

Colleen Lynn refutes the feel good stories of “pit bulls” saying that owners of the dogs will do anything to claim that our dogs are docile. She will tell you we are all criminals who lie to protect our vicious dogs. She will tell you hers is the ONLY truth in the “pit bull” matter. In other words she will out and out lie to get HER point across!

Main stream journalists love Colleen Lynn’s web site. They figure they don’t have to do any independent research, after all Ms. Lynn has done it for them and put it all in one place. How convenient! What they do not seem to realize is they are perpetuating lies. The stats and information found on the web site have absolutely no basis in fact, and main stream journalists would realize this if they only did a little real research into the matter.

We who fight BSL have done that research. I for one religiously research every new claim made by Ms. Lynn. To date I have yet to find ANY corroborating evidence for her claims, but then unlike Colleen Lynn, I only do my research using legitimate websites! But don’t take MY word for it! Do a little independent research of your own. It doesn’t take long to prove everything I have just told you about, and Colleen Lynn.

Here are a few links to get you started:

Dog Legislation Council of Canada

A Letter From The Toronto Humane Society

The Truth About BSL

Fatal Dog Attacks in Canada 1990 – 2007

Who IS Colleen Lynn?

Public Health Agency of Canada

I ask that you draw your own conclusions. I know what I believe, and I have done the research myself. Now I ask that you do the same. Our dogs deserve a fair shake, so religiously listening to people like Colleen Lynn and her false claims without actually finding out for yourself is a mistake. I merely ask that you not follow the likes of Colleen Lynn blindly, but that you find out for yourself what the truth really is! If you still decide that you are against “pit bulls” so be it, at least you will have come to that conclusion in an informed and responsible manner.

Until Next Time Remember,

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls


Ontario’s BSL legislation has affected our rescue work.

Yesterday I told you the story of how our docile advocacy dog Niki became a “pit bull” in the eyes of the authorities. Today I would like to talk to you about how Ontario’s BSL legislation has affected our rescue work. To some of you it may seem like a strange thing to say. How can BSL legislation affect rescue? I’m about to tell you how it affects the way WE approach rescue.

Those of you that know me are aware I have spent over twenty years of my life working with abused, abandoned and “difficult” rescues. Because of the nature of our work we tend to take on some very large and powerful dogs, and I have become known for my work with dogs that needed a little more help than most.

Back in the day, breed didn’t even come into the equation. Our only consideration was whether or not we felt an animal could be rehabilitated. All were assessed to clarify any issues they may have and determine a course of training that would help to rehabilitate them and train them to live in the average home. Sometimes this took months, in a few cases it took years, but we have always been patient handlers, and can recall only two dogs in a twenty year span that just couldn’t be rehabilitated. We don’t give up on dogs easily, and genuinely believe there are no bad dogs, just owners who haven’t got a clue.

But then  in 2005 BSL was introduced in Ontario, and for us, rescue became a whole new ballgame! Now we had to assess the level of “pit bull” probability in our short haired  mutt rescues before we could determine if they were “adoptable” in the province of Ontario. In this neck of the woods authorities couldn’t tell a “pit bull” from a Chihuahua, so this became a very difficult guessing game. We weren’t so much determining if the rescue was in fact a “pit bull” but rather whether or not authorities would easily mistake it for one. You see we couldn’t, in good conscience rehabilitate a dog and adopt it out only to have it seized as a “pit bull” now could we? It would not be fair to the dog, or the person adopting the dog.

Given the fact that we deal with mostly “difficult” rescue cases, we were subject to training a lot of dogs that could be mistaken for “pit bulls” by people who “thought” they knew a “pit bull” on sight. After the ban came into effect we had to be much more careful about agreeing to take dogs in for training. Wait…careful isn’t the right word…more like we had to be more choosy about the dogs we took in. They had to be easily adoptable in a society that now discriminated against short haired mutts by calling them “pit bull.’

Suddenly, for the first time in my rescue career I found myself having to turn down dogs I knew would not be likely candidates for adoption in a BSL province. This went against everything I believed in, but I had no choice. Some dogs just weren’t adoptable in the “new” discriminatory province of Ontario. I began sending as many as I could out of the province by networking with other difficult dog trainers on the East and West coasts of Canada. But it grated on me. To my way of thinking ALL dogs deserved a second chance, and I had never before turned down dogs I thought I could help because of what they looked like. It just didn’t sit well with me this condemning of dogs for looks alone, and what’s more I KNEW most of them weren’t “pit bulls” by anything other than government definition. As an animal rescuer i began to feel like I was failing these animals when I should be helping them!

Then in 2009 it happened! One of our rescues got into a fight with one of their pack mates. He received a puncture wound on one of his legs that got overlooked in the bandaging and cleaning process and he had to be taken to the vet when the wound became infected. It happens sometimes, we are good at what we do but fights still occur from time to time.

The two dogs involved in the fight were very different in body type. One (the one with the injury) was a long haired Dutch Sheppard cross, the other a short haired garden variety mutt scheduled to be adopted by a family with a two year old girl who had adopted from us before. During the vet visit, the vet profiled the short haired dog telling us it was a vicious breed mix and should be put down. Problem with that was, the short haired dog had been left at home! He wasn’t with us at the vet’s office! He also hadn’t been the aggressor in the incident, it was the long haired “safe” breed dog who had started the fight!

Sight unseen, from nothing more than a breed mix on a chart this vet had decided that the short haired mutt was inherently vicious based on his breed mix and told us we had no business adopting him out, especially to a family with a young child. The vet told us…no, more like demanded, that we put the dog to sleep! We of course declined to do so, and immediately switched vets.

I called the family who had been visiting with the dog on a regular basis to get to know him, and told them of the vet’s opinion. They laughed, and said “How ridiculous! Bowser is a wonderful dog!” Bowser’s adoption went ahead only because the family already knew him to be a sweetheart of a dog. Bowser has been with them for three years now and his relationship with their daughter is nothing short of amazing! He has never bitten anyone!

So the next time you think that BSL has no affect on most dogs, remember Bowser, who could have easily lost his home, and his life because someone profiled him sight unseen based on his body type alone.

Until Next Time Remember,

Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls!


Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think again!

I recently released this picture of our Niki. Niki is an  “SS” (significantly similar) dog if you believe our local SPCA, who informed me five years ago that they felt she was a “pit bull” and as such was subject to BSL. Niki weighs in at 108 lbs. currently. Yes, before you all start screaming at me I KNOW she is overweight we are working on it and to date she has lost four pounds. However Niki’s weight is not what I wish to speak about today.

When BSL was introduced in Ontario in August of 2005, I did not worry for my dogs. After all none of them were “pit bulls”, so we weren’t affected directly by this heinous legislation. Our dogs were safe, or so we thought. But that was back when we didn’t really know what BSL would mean for Ontario dog owners. We could not have been more wrong!

The first time someone told me that Niki could be in danger because of her looks I scoffed at the notion. “That’s ridiculous!” I replied. “Niki is NOT a “pit bull”, she’s a husky/lab cross.” I put it down to that person being an alarmist and thought no more about it.

A few months went by, and we continued on as we always had, walking Niki sans muzzle like the docile mutt we knew she was. Then, disaster struck in the form of a five foot two blue haired old lady! Niki and I were calmly walking along the beachfront when we heard “Why isn’t that “pit bull” muzzled?” I turned to find little Ms. Bluehair staring hard at Niki and pointing.

“My dog?” I asked innocently. “Ma’am my dog is not a “pit bull”, she is a husky/lab cross breed.”

“I know a “pit bull” when I see one young lady!” was the old lady’s reply. “I have already called the pound, and the SPCA is coming to get your dog. You people can’t be keeping these vicious beasts around innocent citizens! Your dog will be taken from you! Good thing too, no one has any business owning one of these dogs! I’ll fix you!” She waved her cell phone at me.

“Good Lord!” I thought, “this poor woman needs glasses!” Thinking nothing more of her threats I continued my walk. About fifteen minutes or so later I looked up to find an SPCA truck driving slowly alongside me. The passenger side window was rolled down and I heard “Excuse me, but can we talk to you about your dog?” I stopped, put Niki in a down stay position and turned toward the source of the voice.

“Can I ask why your “pit bull” is not muzzled?” came the question from the SPCA investigator.

“Because she isn’t a “pit bull” I replied.

“Ma’am, I know dogs, and that is CLEARLY a “pit bull”. You are of course aware of the BSL legislation recently passed in Ontario?”

“Yes, I am.” I replied becoming just a little worried. “But Niki is a husky/lab cross, and not a “pit bull”. She is far too big to be mistaken for one.”

“Can you prove that?” asked the SPCA officer. “Is she registered as such?”

I looked at him wondering how he expected my cross breed dog to be “registered” as anything, she was after all for lack of a better term, a mutt. To the best of my knowledge there is no registry for mutts. “Um?. . .if you mean is she licensed with the city as her true breed mix of course she is! Her breed mix is also noted with her veterinarian.”

“Ma’am, we are telling you that this is a “pit bull” dog, and as such is subject to BSL. I will not take your dog today, as it is clear to me that you were not aware that she is a “pit bull” however, if I see her without a muzzle again I will take her from you!”

Suddenly, just like that, our dog and our family were subject to BSL, and life for Niki changed drastically. Gone were the trips to the dog park to play with other dogs. Niki had been labeled “pit bull” and “pit bulls” are not allowed in off leash parks. Gone was the freedom of walking down the street sans muzzle to meet and greet people and dogs. Niki, up until that point had been my advocacy dog. She had traveled with me to promote animal interaction education for children, and explain why spay and neuter is so important. Now I couldn’t take her with me in my advocacy work. With that Hannibal Lecter mask they insisted she must wear she scared everyone. No one wanted to be near the “vicious pit bull.” On several occasions Niki was actually assaulted by rocks thrown at her and shouts of “get rid of that vicious thing!”

It was the muzzle that changed things. No one had ever been afraid of Niki before, they would see her smiley face headed for them, and a smile would break out on their face. She is just that kind of dog, she loves everyone, and up until she was forced to wear the muzzle everyone loved her.

Niki doesn’t understand why people avoid her now. She doesn’t understand why people throw things at her or yell out nasty names. You can actually SEE the hurt in her eyes when someone doesn’t like her. Her world has changed because one person with authority doesn’t know a “pit bull” when they see one. Still think your Labrador Retriever is safe? Think again!

Until Next Time Remember,

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls


…a “pit bull” hater had come to my door and left with a totally different opinion of these wonderful dogs!

Well I guess I owe you an apology! I have been silent for a week now. I took a week off due to the death of a very close friend, and am still not up to par. The dogs seem to know that this is a tough week because they have been acting quite angelic. They have also been a great source of comfort. I had said I was not coming back until next Monday, but something happened yesterday that I just had to share with you all. It illustrates perfectly what we say about all the hype in the media about pit bulls. But first you have to take a look at this photo and tell me if you read this on my door what would it say to you? (Now remember, this is a humorous sign posted on our front porch entrance to discourage random knocks on our door that disturb our dogs.) What does this suggest to you (if anything) about the “breed” of dogs in my home? (Sorry about the condition of the sign it has been hung there for years and is starting to show signs of weather.)


Now when we wrote it we honestly never thought that someone would descern that we have a certain “breed” of dog in our home. If I saw it somewhere else it would tell me nothing about the breed of dog that lived in the home. Or at least I would not be ready to make the leap made yesterday by a “Canadian Home Comfort” worker going door to door trying to sell people a new furnace they probably don’t need. The conversation went something like this:

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Good afternoon Ma’am, when I saw your sign I wasn’t sure I should knock. I figured you have a “pit bull.”

Me: Oh? and why would you say that?

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well your sign Ma’am?

Me: What about my sign makes you think I own a “pit bull”?

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well it says “trespassers will be eaten”

Me: Hmmmm, yes it does, but I am still not sure why you think that means I own a “pit bull”

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: well Ma’am they are killers you know!

Me: Oh really? Well, as it happens I do own a “pit bull” if you believe the McGuinty bandwagon.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy; (after taking a step backward like my vicious “pit bull” was just waiting behind me to pounce) I am not sure what you mean Ma’am

Me: Well my dog is no more a “pit bull” than you are! But because she has a similar build and body type, she is subject to Ontario’s BSL restrictions. BTW you DO know that “pit bull” isn’t really a breed right? My dog is actually a Husky/Lab cross, a mutt to be exact, but we don’t like to say that in front of her.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well then she isn’t a “pit bull” breed then?

Me: Apparently you haven’t been paying attention, there is no such thing as a “pit bull” breed.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Oh you’re one of those!

Me: Now I am not entirely sure what YOU mean!

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: You know, one of those “pit bull” owners that refuses to admit their dog is a danger to society.

Me: My dog isn’t a danger to society and I resent the implication that because of her “breed” she is. As I have already told you my dog is a husky/lab cross. There is no such thing as a “pit bull” breed, and I really would like to know how you come to the conclusion that my dog is a danger to society when you haven’t even met her.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Well now the newspapers and TV news wouldn’t say they were a danger to society if they weren’t would they?

Me: Have you ever met a “pit bull”? Perhaps you would like to meet my dog?

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: No thank you Ma’am (again he takes a step backwards) I stay away from vicious dogs.

Me: Hmmmm, well I guess I had better not introduce you to my Dachshund then.

Canadian Home Comfort Guy: Ma’am?

Me: Well out of all the dogs in my house, my Dachshund is the only one with a tendency toward aggression, I fear for your ankles!

What followed was a fifteen minute discussion during which I “educated” this young man to the perils and heartbreaks of BSL legislature. He left my home with a new outlook on “pit bull” type dogs. Sometimes people just need to have things explained logically and knowledgeably to truly understand them. I closed the door feeling better about the encounter than I had when I opened it, but it brought home the fact that the media hype surrounding our dogs is doing a lot of damage. It also confirmed my belief that education is key in the fight against BSL! Plus I was just stoked that a “pit bull” hater had come to my door and left with a totally different opinion of these wonderful dogs!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls


When it comes to big dogs, Yoda takes “stupid pills”!

We have been talking mostly about pit bulls, after all one of my main driving forces in animal advocacy is to see BSL abolished. I can honestly say I think that is a goal we all share. However, you have heard me speak about my Dachshund Yoda and his tendency toward aggression. I thought I would elaborate on that today in the hopes of making you all understand that breed has nothing to do with aggressive tendencies.

Yoda has been with us approximately five months now. He came to us from a high kill shelter in Northern California by way of a woman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada who saw the little dog on Facebook and could not bear the thought that he might run out of time before he was adopted. Yoda’s family had dropped him off at the shelter claiming he was too aggressive. This might have been a death sentence for the nine year old Dachshund, but he was saved in the nick of time.

Problem was once he arrived at his new home in Toronto he began to display behavior problems that his rescuer could not deal with. That is when he came to me. For years I have been known for my work with difficult rescues. It has usually brought me bully breeds, or large breed dogs with no training, this was the first time I would deal with aggression in a small breed dog. Yoda is large dog aggressive.

Yoda has settled into the daily routine without much of a fuss. He gets along well with the other small dogs, but we are still working on issues stemming from his fear of large breed dogs. Personally I think when it comes to big dogs, Yoda takes “stupid pills!” He does not seem to register the fact that to a dog the size of our Phoenix he might just look like lunch! Luckily Phoenix and Yoda seem to understand each other well enough to get along. I just know that Phoenix is the only large breed dog in the house that does not kick off Yoda’s fear aggression. Hell, he is the only large breed dog Yoda has met that he doesn’t try to assassinate the second he sees him!

Something happens in Yoda’s brain when he meets up with a large breed dog, and all hell breaks loose. He becomes a barking snarling crazed version of his normally sweet self. He is a Dachshund possessed when he sees a strange large breed dog. I mean seriously possessed, “call a priest” possessed! Everyone around him thinks he has suddenly gone insane, and people will back away thinking he has lost his mind!

In every other way this little dog is perfect! He is sweet natured, cuddly, and has even managed to learn that the house is not a place to potty, but we still can not convince him that large breed dogs were not sent out by the CIA to wipe him off the face of the planet! To top it all off he believes he can take on any large breed dog and be the conquering hero, or at least that is what he WANTS you to think!

Other people might find this behavior amusing, it isn’t! It is in fact, dangerous behavior for a dog of this size. Yoda WILL attack the ankles of bigger dogs. His way of attempting to make them “go away”, however, this behavior could be detrimental to his health depending on the reaction of the large breed dog in question. His pack brothers and sisters have grown up working with dogs like Yoda, so their tolerance level for this behavior is a little higher than that of the average dog on the street. They have been taught to correct this behavior instead of react to it. However, the average dog on the street is not trained in this manner and that is why Yoda’s behavior is dangerous, to himself.

Yoda’s problem is one of the reasons it is so important to socialize pets properly. Had Yoda been properly socialized with other animals at a younger age he would not have this problem. Because he is nine years old this problem will take much longer to correct. We are working towards it, and we are making some progress but we have a long way to go.

I guess in conclusion to today’s rambling post, what I am trying to say here is that social situations will be much easier for your dog, small breed or otherwise, if you socialize your pet properly. Like us, pets need the friendship and play time with other animals. Many people react to their small dogs fear of other animals by avoiding them. This is the worst thing you can do! Yet it is the reaction of most dog owners because they have no clue how to correct their small breed dogs aggression towards other animals. Because they are small breed dog owners they do not think that training methods used to correct this behavior are meant for small dogs. In fact far too many small breed dog owners treat their dogs like dolls and not like dogs at all. As a result their dogs don’t know they are dogs! I tell Yoda all the time “YES Yoda! You ARE a Dog!”  he begs to differ!

Socialize your dogs people! Life for you and for them will be much easier if they can get along with the dogs they meet on their travels!

Until next time remember, ANY dog can be a red zone dog, BREED has absolutely nothing to do with it!

Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls


…innocent dogs are dying for nothing more than having the misfortune to be born looking like the government definition of a “pit bull.”

You (well most of you) know me well enough to know that I belong to quite a few groups fighting to eradicate BSL in my home province of Ontario.  Collectively we have all been fighting this BS legislation for seven years. Our dogs are all seniors and if we don’t eradicate BSL soon there will be none left in the province of Ontario to fight for!  While we fight and rail against the injustice of this legislation that turns good dogs into monsters in the eyes of average citizens, Dalton McGuinty, Ontario’s Premier plots and schemes to avoid  making a decision on Bill 16, the bill that would see an end to this archaic legislation in Ontario.

But, I have found a new group, a group whose aim is to wipe Breed Specific Legislation off the face of the globe! Serious like minded people who feel that it is not enough to sign petitions and hold rallies. People who feel that we have much more work than that to do if we hope to save these dogs from extinction. The Worldwide Canine Crusade is bringing together like minded people from all over the globe, and uniting them in a concerted effort to eradicate BSL on a global scale, and they have asked me to join them! My answer of course was a resounding “YES!”

Last night I made a guest appearance on their newly minted internet radio show, and I spoke with a woman in the UK whose dog (a “pit bull”) was sick, and needed desperately to be taken to the vet. Now for most people having to take a dog to the vet is no big thing. You call up the vet’s office take your dog in and the problem is solved right? For most dog owners that would be true, but for this woman it is not. She is the owner of a “pit bull” and she is terrified that if she takes her dog to a local vet she (the dog) might never return home. The UK has some very strict BSL laws, and “pit bulls” are illegal.

Can you imagine living with this much fear? To be so afraid for your dog that the idea of taking her for what should be a routine vet visit paralyzes you with fear for her safety? Get used to it folks, it is the reality of BSL! It is also the reason that no matter how frustrated I become, no matter how many times I feel like we are getting nowhere, despite the hatred and slander I have endured I can not give up. I can not lose this fight because losing means saying goodbye to these dogs forever and that is something I can not stand back and allow to happen.

Speaking with the distraught “pit bull” owner Natalie (sorry if my spelling is wrong) brought home the fact that things really need to change on a global scale. When average citizens must live in fear for the life of their family pet, something is seriously rotten in Denmark (or England or Italy, or wherever in the world you happen to be that BSL exists.)

There are many nights that I lay awake unable to stop my brain from thinking about what my next move should be, but last night I lay awake worrying about Natalie’s dog Molly. Knowing Natalie was faced with the task of taking her beloved Molly to the vet, and being aware of the possibility that when she did, she might not be allowed to bring her baby home kept me sleepless into the wee hours of the morning. I feel for her and I understand her fear, it is a fear that no pet owner should ever have to live with! However, those of us who live in BSL controlled areas of the globe are all too familiar with that fear. I prayed for Natalie and Molly’s safety, and finally fell asleep near dawn telling myself that I could never give up the fight until our dogs were safe, and knowing that it meant many more sleepless nights to come.

My association with the Worldwide Canine Crusade has broadened my audience, and now I ask my new readers to tell me their stories, discuss with me their feelings, and share their fears. I ask that you open up and speak about what BSL means to you and your family. I want you to make it clear to those who do not understand what we are fighting for, that this legislation does NOT work to reduce bite incidents, and that innocent dogs are dying for nothing more than having the misfortune to be born looking like the government definition of a “pit bull.”

Anyone who didn’t catch the show can listen to it here;

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love & Freedome for Pit Bulls!