Niki and I are starting to get excited…

Wow! Have we had a run of bad luck lately! My computer was acting up and we just recovered from a major crash. We are back in business but lost a lot of recent photos and documents that were not yet backed up to disk. I apologize for the absence, but we are back in business now!

Niki will have her weigh in this evening, she did not lose any weight last week but did not gain either so all in all it was a successful week! Here`s hoping we have some weight loss this week. She continues to show improved movement when walking, and is no longer dragging her ass on the return leg of our walks. Last night she kept up a jogging pace during her evening walk and actually attempted to initialize play with pack brother Phoenix. This was new as she had stopped running and playing due to her weight.

Niki and I are starting to get excited for this weekends trip to Toronto for the Biker`s & Bully`s without Borders finale. We can`t wait to meet some of Niki`s FB peeps, so if you are going, make sure to look for Niki and the human attached to her, pose for a picture, and say hello. Here are a few pics so you know what we all look like!


My husband Todd and I.


Niki and I

If you are not aware of this event and wish to attend, more information can be found here:

Bikers & Bully`s without Borders Event Info.

We hope to see you there!


Peace, Love, & Freedom for Pit Bulls!

Janette & Niki