Niki would love to pose for a picture with her FB peeps!

Wow! I just realized how long it has been since I have written. Truth be told I haven’t been feeling well, but feel a little better today. We have had a busy week, so Niki did not get weighed in until late last night. Unfortunately there was no weight loss this week, but there was no weight gain either so we are still on track. Every day it gets a little easier for her to move around, and she now looks forward to our daily walks, and walks at a brisk pace for the whole route. She is making friends along the route and has points where she stops to look for the people we have met so she can say hello. Over the next couple of weeks we will be taking a camera along on Niki’s walks and introducing you to some of her new friends.

We still continue to be a part of the fight against BSL here in Ontario, and will be attending the Biker’s & Bully’s without Borders Finale here in Toronto on September 2, 2012. Those of you who are not familiar with this event, can find more information here:

Biker’s & Bully’s without Borders

Niki will be there of course, so anyone wishing to meet her can find us day of and say hello.  Just look for the chubby black and white pibble with the wiggly butt! Niki would love to pose for a picture with her FB peeps!

Today Todd’s Mother is visiting with us. If there is time we plan to take a mini beach walk with her and Niki, stay tuned for pics of Grandma’s visit!

We finally got the french right on this bilingual anti BSL sign for Ontario residents. If you live in an area of Ontario where french is a dominant second language please feel free to print it out and hang it in a window or on your front door!


We hope you all have a great weekend! I will try to get back to daily writing next week. Don’t forget to give your pibble a big hug from me and Niki!

Peace, Love, and Freedom for Pit Bulls!

Janette & Niki