Oh wow! You guys! She’s already lost two pounds…

Today was to be Niki’s weigh in day, but we were out and about last night and had to drop in to my husbands company to pick up his bike. So since we were already there we decided to weigh Niki. Oh wow! You guys! She’s already lost two pounds and is very proud of herself! I am proud of her!

When we first started Niki’s diet and exercise program she was not very happy with us. We cut back on her food intake, and made her walk! In her eyes we were horrible people! Last night when she saw how excited we were about her weight loss she perked up and seemed to be just a little more energetic on the walk home. Do you think maybe she understands we are trying to help her?

While I am encouraged by Niki’s weight loss, we still have a long way to go.  Niki should weigh somewhere in the range of 80-90 lbs. according to her vet. That means we must coax her through another 18-28 lbs. of weight loss and then maintain her at that weight. The key to making sure that Niki loses the weight but stays healthy is making sure she loses gradually. A pound or two  is excellent progress, but we do not want her to lose any more than that in a week.

I am also encouraged by YOUR response! To date we have only had one troll attack the blog. The rest of you (especially my anti-BSL friends) have been encouraging, but not disparaging, and for that I thank you. Truth be told I feel guilty enough about Niki’s weight gain without being told it is my fault. I already blame myself and I am thankful that you have all been so understanding and helpful! Our ONLY concern is getting Niki back to a healthy weight, and I don’t have time to argue with trolls over whose fault it is that Niki is overweight. At this point, who’s to blame is really far less important than helping Niki achieve her weight loss goal.

We will continue to walk Niki and coax her through her weight loss. If you see us on the beach, stop us and say hello, Niki would love to meet our readers, she loves to make new friends.

On another note, I posted a dog to the FB page this morning. A seven month old Rotti cross in Kirkland Lake who will be PTS if a home is not found for him ASAP. Please check it out and pass it on to anyone in Ontario that you might know who might adopt a Rotti X pup! Here’s the link:

Rotti Pup to be PTS if no home found! If you can find it in your heart to bring him into your home he will be eternally greatful and you will have found a best friend!

Peace, Love & Freedom for Pit Bulls!

Janette & Niki