…not everyone pays attention to Barbara Kay and the National Post!


We have had a blessedly accusation free few days. I knew it wouldn’t last though, it never does. Last night while I was walking Niki on the beach, some idiot just had to point her out and call her vicious, tell me I had no business owning a dog like that, and attempt to throw a rock at her. Luckily the owner of a blonde lab that was happening by took him to task for the attempt, and then educated him as to why he was wrong about Niki. Through it all Niki and the blonde lab sat calmly side by side, looks on their faces that said “I really wish these humans would get it!” (Niki) and “Geez, Bozo you are interrupting my walk with your bad behavior!” (the blonde lab)

That blonde lab would be right, it is “bad behavior.” and the guy really was a Bozo! (I could call him a few other choice names but let’s make an attempt at keeping it clean for the kiddies.) But let’s take a moment to look at WHY he feels this way about these dogs in the first place shall we?

Firstly, let us look at the role of main stream media in the BSL argument. While most of you reading this were born with brains capable of original thought, the general population was not. They look to news outlets, newspapers, and television media for their opinions, and therein lies the problem. The media want YOU to read THEIR newspaper, watch THEIR news program, buy THEIR news magazine, and they will do just about ANYTHING to get you there. Including, but not limited to, embellishing the truth, inventing details that don’t exist, quoting sources that have already been discredited by experts…and so on. If it sells newspapers or magazines or gets you to tune into their channel they are not above it.

Now I am not saying that every news reporter out there is corrupt, that would be kind of like saying EVERY “pit bull” is inherently vicious, but if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck…you get where I’m going with that. Unfortunately the good ones are few and far between these days, and for every reporter out there who reports the absolute truth of a situation, there are five that sensationalize the story to sell more papers.

That having been said, it is clear that a lot of the public negative opinion of “pit bull” type dogs was created by bad reporting, erroneous reporting, or just plain out-and-out lies spread by overzealous media people who want to make sure it is THEIR account you read or watch.

The notorious Barbara Kay of the National Post has announced on Twitter in the past that she only does her research on “pit bulls” at sites that are set up to denigrate the dogs because, the advocacy sites don’t talk about the negative pit bull stories. She claims advocates for pit bulls are trying to convince you with positive propaganda that these dogs are harmless. Yet Barbara Kay herself then goes ahead and uses NEGATIVE propaganda to prove her opinion that “pit bulls” are vicious killers. By not researching BOTH sides of the equation all she is really doing is attempting to shove her personal opinion down people’s throats.

Barbara Kay is just one example of why no one should take or make their opinion based on what a reporter has to say. Because while there should be NO personal opinion in journalism, these days most reporters are incapable of being unbiased and reporting the facts without their opinion muddying the waters. Main stream media is the source of most popular opinion. For decades the public has swallowed anything the media wants to feed them as gospel truth.

Enter social media, and the power of the little person to get their story out without embellishment and truth bending, and suddenly the main stream media loses their opinion molding power! Because YOU chose to read blogs like this one, because you are a Facebook user, because you are capable of original thought, you have started forming your opinion based on your own speculations and not on the personal opinions of reporters or the molded opinions of politicians. While mainstream media reporters like Barbara Kay may try to steer you away from blogs like this one and sites that promote a society without BSL simply because she is afraid that if you see both sides you may make an informed opinion on your own, thereby eliminating the need for opinionated reporters to tell you what you should think, in effect making people like her, obsolete.

I guess what this post has really turned into is a plea for you ALL to get the facts yourself. Read the stats, read the hearing transcripts, go out and get to know a “pit bull”(those of you who have already completed this exercise may leave for recess.) Think for yourself, because I know that when you do, you will not support BSL anymore than I do. When you think for yourself and examine what BSL truly is, you will understand all we have been trying to tell you.

You will understand that we are not claiming that all pit bull type dogs are absolute angels, we know our dogs, and the tendencies of their breed or breed mix, we are responsible people. We also know that how you handle and train them plays a big part in how they turn out, and that bad owners make for bad dogs no matter what the breed. Hell, we know that they are not the problem. Unlike Barbara Kay and others like her, we know both sides of the fight inside and out, we researched it for ourselves. All we are asking now is that you do the same!

Forget about the opinions of the Barbara Kay’s of the world, form your own opinion. Get to know our dogs, and us, you will be VERY surprised by what you find!

Oh, and as for Niki’s walk? She made some new friends both human and canine…not everyone pays attention to Barbara Kay and the National Post!

Have a great day everybody!

BOL from the beach!

Janette & Niki


6 thoughts on “…not everyone pays attention to Barbara Kay and the National Post!

  1. what a shame you and your dog had to go through that bc of one idiot’s ignorance. (and bad manners) I hope you get many more peaceful walks and no more a-holes interrupting them.

    • Unfortunately this is the kind of response the Barbara Kay’s of the world bring on with their witch hunt tactics.

  2. Pit Bulls (and all dogs) are like guns. They need a person to pull the trigger. Any dog can bite if it is not properly trained. And any dog can be properly trained. To bad the same can’t be said for people. Barbara Kay is like an untrained dog. Snapping and snarling to no reason except to be heard. I say we put a bark collar on her.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! What is even more disturbing is the fact that we used to have some journalistic integrity in this country. Stories were not printed unless the facts could be proven. Reporters wrote the facts. Now they embellish upon things by injecting their personal opinion instead of actually reporting the truth, and newspapers print their drivel. Anyone who says that the media is not controlled by the government, has obviously never read the National Post. Personally I think the only thing that rag is good for is lining the bottom of a bird cage, but that’s just me.

  3. I am glad he stepped up too I shudder to think what could have happened! Poor Niki just looked confused, and the lab just sat next to her quietly as if they couldn’t believe the bad behavior from a human and were embarrassed to have met in such a fashion! You are so right the “Punish the Deed not the Breed” mantra does fit with any breed and as far as I am concerned it applies to any breed because bite incidents should be viewed on a case by case basis. This idea that a dog that bites should be automatically euthanised is ridiculous. A bite is a dog’s only defense mechanism, and not every bite is an attack sometimes it is a defense. Not only that, but EVERY breed is capable of biting, it is in the hands of the dog owner through proper training and handling, whether or not their dog has proper bite inhibition,.

  4. I don’t own a pit type dog, but I agree with your outlook. Too much news now a days is not presented unbiased. I have joined a group on line to fight BSL because I don’t feel that any animal should be listed and a genocide created to erase them. I know they love to hear people say punish the deed, not the breed as a pit mantra, but as far as I’m concerned it fits with any breed. I’m a jack russell owner and I have seen a list that also lists my breed as dangerous. Some laugh at that but a bite is a bite and yes maybe they don’t have the weight behind them to knock you over but that doesn’t mean they can’t do as much damage. It only takes one vein to be cut. Before it was dobermans, then shepards now it’s pitties. Oh did I forget rotti’s and lets see what other big dog should we add. It’s amazing to see a list that has 75 dog breeds on it. I use caution with any animal that approaches only because I know that I am a stranger and I maybe pushing into their personal space, but as soon as I’m told it’s ok I will move in closer and let them check me out. I love to hear your blog on your walks and I’m really glad the lab’s owner stepped up because it saved you from having to avoid a bad situation that might have been reported as you being the aggressor. If I had been there I’d have slapped that fool silly. You don’t mess with my kid or my animals and if your dog was so vicious what the hell was he doing throwing a rock at her? Does the fool not realize that he was provoking a reaction. You and Niki keep on going and enjoy your baby.

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