If you wish to slap us for our stupidity, take a number and sign in please!

When we started the “Walking Niki” project, we explained to you that Niki was overweight, and it was necessary to her continued health that she lose the weight she has gained. What we didn’t know at the time is what the numbers were. Yesterday I took Niki for a walk to my husbands company where we put her on the freight scale to get a start weight. I was so shocked by Niki’s weight that I totally forgot to take pics! Much to our horror Niki weighs 112 lbs. By my calculations she is at least thirty pounds overweight!

Needless to say we have a lot of workout to do if we are to get Niki back to a healthy weight. I will be meeting with Niki’s vet later today to discuss a diet and exercise plan. I am angry with myself that I have allowed my fear of BSL to cause such a health risk for my baby. In the meantime Niki is getting so much one on one time with Mom these days she thinks she won the lottery!

The only way to combat my mistake is to work with my dog until she is at a healthy optimum weight. There is nothing wrong with admitting you have made a mistake, as long as you are willing to go the distance to rectify it. We all make mistakes, sometimes even when we know better, we are all human. It only continues to be a mistake if, knowing we have done it we do nothing to correct it. Our correction of this recent mistake is to of course work with Niki until our vet gives her a clean bill of health. We are aware that her weight is a detriment to her and will do everything we have to, to bring Niki’s weight down to where it should be. (Donations of skinny dog snacks will be gratefully accepted.)

Every Tuesday evening we will weigh Niki to check her progress, and on Wednesday morning we will let you all know how she is doing.

So let’s recap quickly.

1.) We weighed Niki on the freight scale at Todd’s company.

2.) Niki weighs a whopping 112 lbs.

3.) We will meet with the vet to work out a diet and exercise plan.

4.) If you wish to keep track of Niki’s progress check in with us every Wednesday.

5.) If you wish to slap us for our stupidity, take a number and sign in please!

Before I go today, I want to tell you about the upcoming Biker’s and Bully’s Without Borders campaign. A relay ride from Florida to Toronto to create awareness and promote eradication of BSL in North America. If you own ANY breed of dog please come out and support our Pibbles on September 2, 2012 in Toronto! It will be your first opportunity to meet Niki in public, so make sure you get the details down. Here’s a link to the event page on Facebook:

Biker’s & Bully’s Without Borders

Come on out and support our Pibbles in the fight against BSL! Niki and I hope to see many of you there with your dogs! Niki would love to have her picture taken with some of her fans!

Okay, that’s all for this morning, I have got to go, it is time for Niki’s morning walk. If you see us out and about in Barrie today, stop and say hi, Niki LOVES to meet new people!

See You All Tomorrow

Hugs and Sloppy Pibble Kisses

Janette & Niki


3 thoughts on “If you wish to slap us for our stupidity, take a number and sign in please!

  1. Thanks for the tip, that might help tremendously as Niki is acting like we are not feeding her enough at the new suggested amount. Perhaps adding some green beans would be just the thing to help her feel full. I fully expect to field some nasty comments myself, some people are so judgmental, however our only concern is getting Niki back to an optimum healthy weight. Thanks for your understanding and your helpful tip!

  2. I rescued a Rottie who was so overweight she looked like a pot-bellied pig (no exaggeration). She could barely walk 10 paces without lying down to rest. She was accustomed to way too much food & no exercise. To make up for the volume of food she was used to I added green beans to her diet. (A suggestion from a friend who had dealt with the same problem.) I used frozen ones which she loved. It gave her fibre to make her feel full without adding calories. As well I kept up the exercise & slowly increased it from a few steps to a few feet to a few miles (& fielded more than a few nasty comments). Next year she was fit enough to compete in agility. Just keep at it. It will come.

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