I emerged from the bathroom feeling like I was the one who had just taken a shower!

Well Niki was allowed to skip her walks yesterday, when she got up she was still moving slowly, so we gave her an aspirin to combat any joint pain, and she basically lounged for a day, and had a much needed bath. I would have taken pictures of the bathing process but as it takes two of us to keep her in the tub, no one had hands to operate the camera! Suffice it to say I emerged from the bathroom feeling like I was the one who had just taken a shower!

Niki is moving much better today, and I am thinking of possibly taking her for a drive up to the Midland area to visit with a friend I haven’t seen in a while. We will see if she is in a traveling mood, and if Dad wants to be wedged into a three seater pickup with a chunky pibble! I am not really worried about Niki’s reaction to my friends cats she is pretty tolerant of all other companion animals. it is the big scary shepherd that lives next door to my friend that I am worried about. he is a yard dog, in that he spends most of his time out in the yard, and from his behavior I would have to say he has never been properly socialized with other dogs. If Niki comes along for the ride I will have to be a diligent pack leader and watch the goings on closely.

Our beach walk the other day was refreshing, for once not a single person crossed the street to avoid Niki, or pointed her out as “one of those vicious pit bulls.” Most people either ignored her, or made a point of stopping and patting her. Niki was in her glory! She LOVES attention! We had several opportunities to speak with others who were walking their dogs on the beach front, and spread our “stop BSL” message. On that particular day the general consensus of beach goers seemed to be “blame the owner not the dog.” Perhaps we are finally being heard? One can hope!

There is something else we noticed on our beach walk that I just have to speak out about. People who take their dogs out in very hot weather without bringing along water! As we walked along the beach with Niki on Saturday we passed a Great Dane puppy and his owners. As I watched the pup just suddenly stopped and laid down. Being such a dog lover, I of course stopped and offered some of Niki’s water to the obviously overheated pup. The owners claimed they could not get the pup to drink, but with a little persistence he polished off an entire bowl of water, and after a brief respite during which I spoke to his owners about BSL, he happily continued on with his walk. Had we not happened by, those owners could very well have been dealing with a medical emergency before they made it home with their dog. So that story having been told, I can not stress enough how important it is to travel with a supply of water and a travel dish! Dogs get dehydrated even quicker than humans do, and heat stroke can cause brain damage. Do the smart thing, make sure you have water as sometimes a place to water your dog is hard to find! Better to be safe than sorry!

Well that’s it for today! Tune in tomorrow and we will tell you all about what Niki did today!

Pibbles ROCK!

Janette & Niki