An Open Letter to the General Public on the Matter of BSL

What if…

you woke up this morning turned on the news and heard the anchor person say:

“The federal government passed a legislation yesterday which gives them the right to round up all Canadian citizens not born in the country and incarcerate them indefinitely on suspicion of traitorous acts. The legislation was a direct response to the arrest of two men last week who attempted to blow up the Prime Minister’s residence. Both were found to be immigrants, and strong public outcry from native born Canadians prompted the government to take action and restrict these dangerous people, so as to prevent another attack. All immigrants are currently being taken into custody, they will be incarcerated until the federal government can determine whether euthanizing all immigrants is the correct action under the circumstances. Until that time those immigrants that are determined “safe” will be required to wear leg irons and hand cuffs when out in public, both to restrict their movement and illustrate to others that they are a threat to society. Sterilization surgery is mandated and any child born to an immigrant after the date of this legislation is to be euthanized”

Right now as you sit there with your coffee you are thinking “that’s ridiculous! That would never happen!” However, there is not much difference between the above false news report and the actions of the McGuinty government 7 years ago in respect to pitbulls. You just don’t see it that way because BSL targets dogs not humans, but I assure you the comparison is a viable one. I say this because what the McGuinty government has done is condemn the many to punish the few.

Now those of us with a little common sense are saying, “Hey! Wait a minute! You can not condemn an entire race because of the actions of one dog! That’s ridiculous, it’s like saying all black’s are criminals, or all Mexicans are illegal immigrants, or all Italians are members of the Mob. It’s racial bias at the very least. When you take that one step further and say that any offspring of those races will be terminated before being given a chance to live, well my friends, that would be genocide at it’s finest.

So ask yourselves this;

What if…

…you attended a rally even though you didn’t have a dog, simply because you don’t believe the Government should play God?

What if…

…you wrote a letter to your MPP expressing your support for Bill 16 because you don’t believe in profiling based on looks or nationality (breed if you will)?

What if…

…for once in your life you took a stand, instead of waiting for someone else to change the world?

What if…

…YOU joined us?

Have an informed opinion, do a little research. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. No matter what conclusion you come to, please at least come to it by examining the legitimate facts. Don’t follow the crowd simply because it seems like the thing to do. That’s all we ask, well no not really, I also ask that you understand no one is asking you to fall in love with pitbulls. We are not saying you have to accept one into your home. What we are saying is simply this, it is neither humane nor logical to eradicate one breed because dogs bite. We are saying that responsibility for ALL dogs must be placed squarely on the shoulders of the dog owner. We are saying that blanket breed bans are not the answer. Neither is killing off a specific breed.

Indulge me for one moment if you will, let us look at other species of animal for a moment here. For example, there are people who keep caged lions and tigers on their property. Now while I do not agree with this, as I believe wild animals should not be used as roadside attractions, the fact remains that these people are held responsible for what those animals do. The Government has not banned and killed these animals, yet feels the need to ban and kill a domesticated dog? How do we hold the exotic animal owner responsible for their dangerous animal, but ban the pitbull istead of putting the responsibility on the owner?

What if…

…you had an original thought?

Just saying!




2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the General Public on the Matter of BSL

  1. A fine, fine blog Janette, humn wait, I don’t have a dog and I attended 2 Rallys. I used to believe the hype and hysteria regarding these dogs, this breed. Looking back, I cannot even remember what prompted me to do some actual investigating and reasearch, but, I did, and came to the conclusion that BSL is Wrong, that “pittbulls” are not evil monsters, but simply dogs, dogs with a high intelligence actually who need a lot of stimulation and socialization. Dogs who, through no fault of their own, have fallen into the hands of very dangerous people.

    If we were to look to example, men have been responsible for the erradication, killing, maiming, torturing, of many species and heinous torture and killing of their own kind, no species has done more damage to its own or the Earth than man….should we all be banned and killed ? I wish that people would realize that this effects us all. Which breed will be next ? Will some people only care when its the breed of dog they have ? they Know ? they love ?

    Having grown up with a Samoyed, I was shocked to find recently it is on a list of banned breeds in some cities in the US somewhere. Todays society is frightening indeed. Today’s society, does not want to take blame for their actions, they do not want to take responsibility for their actions. I once got bit by a dog ( a female Samoyed actually) on our street, did we sue ? did we call animal control and say the dog should be put down ? NO ! first and foremost, I was given crap, for trying to pet a strange dog in the first place, well we knew her, but didn’t interact with her, and secondly my Dad did contact the owner and tell him, to try and be more careful that the dog did not get lose again.

    • Funny Colleen, I was thinking of you when I wrote this. I was thinking “man, I wish more people like Colleen existed!” You checked the facts you investigated the issue and in doing so realized you were wrong in believing the hype. Then you went one step further and stood up for those who could not speak for themselves, despite the fact that you do not own a dog never mind a pitbull. You truly are a beautiful person and I am glad to call you my friend!

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