Is BSL Corrupting Our Children?

I live in Ontario, the land of the McGuinty government, and BSL. Now anyone who knows me is well aware that I have been fighting this legislation since about five minutes after its inception, but most are not aware of the myriad of reasons why. Sure there are the obvious reasons, BSL kills good dogs, and is an unfair piece of legislation that holds animals responsible for the actions of a few bad owners, but there are far more reasons beyond that to fight BSL.

I think that one of the main reasons besides the obvious for me, would be the message BSL legislation is sending to our children. Lets think about this for just one minute folks. I mean we spend our children’s formative years trying to teach them not to judge a book by its cover. We try to make them understand that discrimination because of skin color, race, religion, or nationality is wrong, then we go and pass a legislation that teaches them exactly the opposite.

Now some factions would have you believe I am being ridiculous, they would say that this is different we are talking about animals not humans, but really the concept is no different. How do we make that distinction, have we not taught our children since birth that right is right and wrong is wrong, and that they should never judge until they have evaluated? Now we are supposed to teach them that those rules only apply to humans? Isn’t this a confusing message? Is this legislation not reducing animals to the status of inanimate objects? Is it not teaching our children that we as a society eradicate that which we can not control or understand?

We have spent years teaching our children to respect life, and now the government wants us to tell them they are only to respect the life of human beings? That it’s okay to discriminate against animals? Great, wonderful, lets teach the next generation that they only need to respect human life. Let’s create an entire generation of people who do not care about the lives of animals! Let’s go backwards thanks to the Ontario government. Alright, I know, I’m ranting, but in my defense, how is this progress?

Another question you have to ask yourself is this, if the Ontario government succeeds in convincing our children that the lives of animals are not important, and that it is okay to wipe out breeds society deems undesirable, how long will it be before disrespect for all life becomes the norm. How long will it be before this new generation sees themselves as God, eradicating species they think the world would do better without?

When we fight BSL we are not only doing it for our beloved pets, but for the morality of our children as well. So before you say “BSL doesn’t affect me or my family” think about the message breed discrimination is sending to our children, and join our fight for that reason if for no other!

Punish the DEED not the BREED!




5 thoughts on “Is BSL Corrupting Our Children?

  1. Agree and think it goes even deeper. We had a “safety” presenter tell my son’s class that they screen for dangerous “Pit Bulls” before approving their volunteers. Of course, I objected. But here’s what bothered me the most. Children hear adults talking, and they very literally take the leap that “Pit Bull owners are criminals.” So, the child whose family owns a beautiful, friendly shelter mutt – the family that is doing charitable things – they are now seen as criminals. The handful of breeders that breed for temperament are now criminals too. But the criminals, we never passed any laws to stop them. And the hatred between one child and another is ignited all based on “what does your dog look like?” It incites bullying and violence – the one thing that a safety law shouldn’t do. It ignores reckless behaviour. Heck, Travel Ontario had a bit on it “Ontario – no place like home” t.v. ads showing a child running with an off leash dog. Reckless. Like showing people drinking and driving in my opinion. Horrific legislation on so many fronts. The wrong message on so many fronts.

  2. Thanks for your very thought out post. I believe that your right, children are going to take this the wrong way in the long run. The best line is when you said
    “Is it not teaching our children that we as a society eradicate that which we can not control or understand?
    This is an excellent point and it is my hope that the governement takes back this stupid law!!!!!!!

  3. From my experience people who are for the BSL are those who have very little experience with animals or who have had bad experiences with dogs. It is our jobs as people who know these breeds to teach and show how incorrect this legislation is.
    I believe children learn not just from parents but from everything and everyone around them. As a child I grew up with parents terrified of dobermans and Rottweilers (I was an 80’s child) but I knew that there was nothing to be afraid of because I had a friend who’s dad worked in the pound where he let me volunteer. He taught me that all animals have different personalities and the breed didn’t change if they were “nice” or not. It depended on their habitat.
    So to bring all my babblings to a head I feel that as long as we try and educate as many people and children as possible to see how horrible this legislation is something will be done about it.

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