An Open Letter to the Toronto Star Newspaper

Today’s post is my public response to an article published recently in the Toronto Star newspaper (or at least on their website) READ ARTICLE  HERE

I left my opinion on their website but apparently they are not interested in hearing from yet another pit bull owner, and so far have yet to moderate my comment. Or at least they are assuming I am a pit bull owner, and I guess in a way you could say that I am. Not because my dog IS a pit bull, but because she LOOKS “substantially similar,” and therefore could be ripped from the only home she has ever known simply because she had the misfortune to grow up with looks one might attribute to the pit bull breed, if such a breed indeed existed. But that’s just the point here, pit bulls as a breed DO NOT EXIST! Therefore there is no way to say you are going to ban all pit bulls. Even by the government’s own definition pit bulls are one of or a combination of the following:

  • Pit bull terrier
  • Staffordshire bull terrier
  • American Staffordshire terrier
  • American pit bull terrier
  • A dog that has an appearance and physical characteristics that are substantially similar to those of dogs referred to in any of the above categories.

A broad definition to be sure, and one that leaves room for a witch hunt against just about any short haired mixed breed dog out there. It also leaves room for a lot of dead animals and brokenhearted families. It is genocide pure and simple, but because we are “merely dealing with animals” it is not seen as such, except by those of us that know that character of the animals affected, those of us that love them!

Let me address a few sections of the Star article:

“We know that Chihuahuas are as capable of biting, or more capable of biting, as so-called pit bulls,” she said. True — but where a rampaging Chihuahua is likely to nip someone’s ankle, a pit bull can rip out a child’s throat or disembowel another dog. Indeed, both these horrors have been perpetrated by pit bulls. In these cases, the deed is the breed.”

Where, dear writer is your evidence that a pit bull has ever ripped out a child’s throat in Ontario? I can find no case history or evidence of this in fact ever having taken place. Where is the report on the dog disembowled by pitt bulls? I could find no evidence of that having taken place in Ontario either. Please DO share your sources with us!

Secondly on this matter, while you dear writer may think an attack by a chihuahua is cute and amusing, chihuahuas have only to bite that ankle in the right place to kill now don’t they? After all main arteries DO run through the ankle you know, just a little anatomy lesson for you. Just because a dog doesn’t have a big bite doesn’t mean that bite can’t be deadly. ANY breed can bite, any breed can maim and kill, which is precisely why we say the OWNER and not the dog is the problem. Let us move on:

“Yes, the critics are right: it’s hard to define all possible pit bull mixes. But difficulty in defining a problem is no reason not to address it. And yes, bad owners are largely to blame when pit bulls go rogue. So what? Bad people are the only ones likely to use a machine gun to commit robbery. But — in the interest of public safety — we ban machine guns from all, including the good.”

Please do tell me how one addresses a problem one can not define clearly? And “when pit bulls go rogue” as you put it, and “bad owners are largely to blame” you expect us to take a “so what” attitude, and blame the animal? Oh and in what society are machine guns banned? I am pretty sure our army and most military factions in the world use automatic weapons so how are they banned from the good? Besides this apparent ban you think society has on machine guns, hasn’t stopped criminals from using them.

Following that reasoning, then if we outlaw pit bulls, only outlaws will have pit bulls. Of course explaining to you dear writer, how the world works was not on my agenda for the day. Yet here I find myself doing so.   These animal are not killers they are innocent creatures who are abused and forced to fight and be killers for the amusement of men. Because they are the dog of choice for outlaw dog fighters, they get a bad rap. They are, however the most intelligent animals I have ever met and their loyalty to a fair and loving owner knows no bounds. They are  misunderstood and used as scapegoats by politicians and the media.

“In fact, the province’s pit bull “ban” is a misnomer. Ontarians are free to own these dogs, provided the animals have been neutered and kept muzzled in public. Given the danger they present, pit bulls can’t be legally bred or imported into the province. That seems a reasonable compromise.”

What rock have you been living under dear writer? We are NOT free to own these dogs in Ontario. The pit bulls that currently still exist in Ontario are all over the age of seven years. They are dogs spared from euthanasia by a Grandfather clause in the original bill 132 which introduced BSL to Ontario. Once those dogs die a natural death, or some crazy uninformed person, such as yourself reports them for sneezing on the sidewalk, and has them ordered euthanized, well then there will be no more pit bulls in the province of Ontario. They will in effect be extinct in this part of the country. All because Michael Bryant found them a fitting target! Congratulations on graduating from stupidity 101 dear writer!

Please dear writer don’t assume I dislike you for your views, be SURE of it, for people like you are the ones that throughout history have perpetuated witch hunts such as this by spreading misinformation and sensationalizing things. Those tactics dear writer worked for Hitler, but he did not have the benefit of living in the instant information age. No these days an unresearched rant that makes wild accusations in a public forum can be researched and refuted in mere minutes. So I ask you once again dear writer, WHERE ARE YOUR REFERENCES? These days it isn’t good enough to just form an opinion and spread it on, no, you had beter be able to back up your BS.

As for your ridiculous opening statement about pit owners being misguided, I am afraid it is you who have been lead astray by your own uninformed zeal.

Can we stop the ban on pitbulls in Ontario?