Bill 16 Passes Second Reading!!!

Hey folks! I have amazing news!

Ontario’s Bill 16 (the bill that will free our pit bulls) has passed the second reading! Another hurdle has been jumped, are we on our way to seeing the breed ban on pit bulls lifted in Ontario?

Supporters are optimistic, as well they should be. This is the first time Anti BSL activists have gotten this far with the McGuinty government. However, while we have won this battle, we have yet to win the war.

I attended yesterday’s rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto. Attendance was great and people were informed, and supportive. I left my dog Niki at home she doesn’t do well with standing around muzzled for lengthy periods of time, but there were plenty of her kin in evidence, all muzzled and miserable for it. I felt for them, these good dogs that would rather curl up on the sofa with their head in your lap than bite anyone, and thought once again “how cruel and unfair are the restrictions placed upon these dogs because of their looks? Not a one of them has ever done anything to deserve this!”

As I moved through the crowd taking photos, I kept my eye open for a friend from Ottawa I knew was driving in for the rally. I found her eventually and to my surprise she had brought others with her, including one of the most adorable little pit bull girls I have ever met, Mika.

Mika is a wonderfully sweet dog, she would far rather lick your hand than bite it. She’s just a mild mannered family pet who loves her family. “What?” I ask, “is so scary about that?”

Although I only met Mika’s owner Allie briefly, I can see where Mika gets her calm demeanor. Her owner exudes calm, and the same sweetness her dog exhibits, while at the same time being in control of her pet and aware of every move she makes like a diligent Mother supervising one of her children. For Mika while muzzled, those movements are few.

While most of the supporters who brought along their dogs were in control of their pets, one dog stood out from the crowd as a shining example of why we say “look to the other end of the leash.” He wasn’t a pit and I won’t mention his breed mix so as not to embarrass his owner, as I know I am not the only person who felt his owner was a wee bit irresponsible. The dog was leashed but not muzzled, and it was not under control by any means, and it wasn’t a little dog either. In my estimation it had to have weighed at least a hundred pounds and had a powerful upper body.

The dog was leading its owner around instead of the owner controlling the dog with the leash. As a matter of fact for this particular dog and owner the leash seemed to serve merely as a device to tether the two together so they did not become seperated. The animal had obviously had little or no leash training, but that was probably because no one had ever trained the owner in the basics of using a leash, and for his purposes it was just something to drag his dog around by. It was also obvious the dog had never really been properly socialized with other animals. it’s behavior was rude even by doggie standards, and it’s owner did nothing to correct it. Therefore dog and owner narrowly missed involvement in several altercations with other dogs, only because the owners of those dogs knew how to handle their pets. As I said a perfect illustration of why we all say “look to the other end of the leash.”

Ah but now I am off topic. We were speaking about the rally. I have been with this fight for a few years now. I own a dog that although there is no American Pit Bull Terrier or Staffordshire Terrier in her bloodline (she is a Husky/ Lab cross) falls into the “sunstantially similar” category because of her looks. BSL has affected our family because of this and so I stand and fight for the life of my dog and dogs like her.

Yesterday it was obvious that I am not alone, and neither are our dogs! It was also obvious that we are not going to back down, and that people are starting to understand the truth of the matter.

Bill 16 passed the second reading and we are one step closer to freeing our dogs from the restrictions they have been forced to live under for the past seven years! As for those MPP’s that voted nay? Well they are more than likely playing party politics, and all i can say to that is this:

Bill 16 passed the second reading! Yay! VICTORY! We win this battle!

Now let’s go win the war!

Say it with me Ontario pit bull lovers! YES WE CAN!