McDonald’s Boycott in Order After Release of Controversial Radio Spot?

McDonald’s certainly has the attention of pit bull owners this week, but not for good reasons. The multi-national fast food chain has really stuck its proverbial foot in its mouth this time. The company recently released ad spots in which it states ordering their new menu items is safer then petting a stray pit bull! The radio spot was aired by McDonald’s, then later pulled the off the air due to protest over its mention of pit bulls. McDonald’s apologized for the faux pas by announcing their regrets on Twitter.

As if we pit bull advocates don’t have enough to contend with now we must battle the stupidity of ignorant ad executives as well. Perpetuating the myth of pit bulls as vicious killers to sell food that kills? No wonder animal advocates everywhere have had enough of the fast food chain! The company is no stranger to being on the wrong side of animal welfare arguments. The question in my mind is this, how can a company whose product has been linked to the deteriorating health of thousands of North Americans claim any item on their menu is safe? Quite frankly I would rather take my chances with a pack of stray pit bulls then slake my hunger with a McDonald’s food product! I’d rather be loved to death than contract food poisoning or worse!

We have all seen the ancient McDonald’s burgers various nutritionists and doctors have kept around to prove to patients that this food is unhealthy. Some of you may have read the articles about a young 17 year old girl in the US whom doctors have determined will not survive if she continues to eat nothing but McDonald’s chicken nuggets as she has done since the age of 2. Yet McDonald’s has the nerve to claim their food is safer than a pit bull? As I said before I’ll take my chances with the pit bull! After all, do we really need to ingest anything with a longer shelf life than half the items in a landfill? I think not! Therefore it shouldn’t be hard to boycott McDonald’s, just think how much healthier you’ll be for the effort!

Have a great weekend!

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“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention!”